2017 - G - Jordan Poole (Commit)


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A bit late on this, but Milwaukee King lost early in the WI playoffs to Racine Park. Jordan Poole ended with with a season average of 18.2ppg. King struggled this year but should be one of the favorites in their division next year returning the backcourt of Cotton and Poole. That team only had 3 seniors on it.

Great news. Keep it coming.

Any specific info on how he was doing his damage? I some tweets talking about shooting and playmaking.

Jordan Poole now running with Mac Irvin Fire (Chicago)

I think that makes sense since his regular team, Wisconsin Playground, isn’t in the EYBL this year. Puts him against better players consistently.

Fresh Jordan Poole video


In a word, boy is he smooth.


Can’t wait until Poole is here. He’s gonna be good!

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Dylan, what position do you think will be his primary spot at Michigan, the two?

Steph Curry.

6’3" Combo Guard that lacks explosiveness. Shooting form looks similar. Pull up J, spin move, handles, passing - especially the underhand dish, and lots of layups haha!

Just highlights, but damn. And he’s gonna play for us. Wonder how much growing he might have yet to do?

“Standing at 6-foot-3, Poole seems to be growing by the day and could top
out at to the 6-foot-5 mark before things are done with.”

So, if Poole is considered a late bloomer in terms of growth that is kind of insane because he will likely make rapid improvements in terms of strength and explosion after he reaches his full adult height. Anybody know Poole’s age?

Looks like a right handed version of D’Angelo Russell. Same skill set.

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Michigan commitment Jordan Poole just went full NBA Jam mode. Couldn't miss for about 5 minutes

— Brian Snow (@BSnowScout) May 15, 2016