2017 - G - Jordan Poole (Commit)



How did donnie Tillman look


Stu saw 23mpg as a freshman. There doesn’t appear to be a path for Poole to get that type of playing time next year — unless he beats out Brooks for backup PG/3rd Guard role. I don’t see that type of skillset from Poole in Year1, though.

His best shot at court time, IMO, is as a dedicated scorer off the bench when others (namely MAAR, Robinson, Matthews) are cold/in a slump. Which likely averages out to under 7mpg and likely seeing action in fewer than 2/3s of the B1G Conference games.

But I do like the skills he brings to the program and I think he’s going to be a valuable contributor in Years 2-4.

**Standard Disclaimer: if Wilson or Wagner turn pro and Bamba does not join the UM team, the rotation projections are wildly different


I didn’t mean anything other then just being a catch and shoot kid next year off the bench similar to what Stu did his Fr year. Nik too but he was much much skilled then Poole.

Poole needs to get stronger with the ball, and won’t be able to go left against defenders if he’s not more confident doing so.


Stu, Zack, Evan, Tim, Trey, Nik, Glenn, Mitch, Derrick, Zak, Ricky, Aubrey, and Kam all saw 15 minutes per game as true freshmen, and many much more of course – I think 7 of those guys saw over 25 minutes a game.

Roster composition impacts minutes and production, but I agree with those that see Poole as closer to Nik than Stu.


Honestly, i wasn’t paying a ton of attention to Tlilman. Was trying to work when I knew Poole was out and watched when he as in. Commentators had a lot of positive things to say, but only recall a few plays where we grabbed a board in a way that led to a reaction.

Separately, I hope we go hard after Tyger Campbell. Not that we need more small PGs, but that kid is going to be really solid by the midpoint of his freshman year if he is already starting games at this level and demanding/controlling the ball as a soph. We may not need him, but hope he leaves the B1G area if he goes elsewhere.


The finals vs. Montverde are on ESPN right now.


Poole with an effortless NBA range three make


The talent and shooting ability is there for Jordan Poole, but there will be some growing pains as he adjusts to college game. Just think he’ll have to improve his body a good bit and improve his shot selection/decision making. But he can step in off the bench and an immediate floor stretcher.

You can also probably say that about a lot of high school guys.


Aka slapping guys as they go past him for a layup.


Here’s the deep trey that Poole knocked in.


Do you think Poole has benefited from playing at LaLu with and against great competition or has his game been reduced to just exclusively jack 3’s since his team is so loaded with talent?


When he improves his shot selection and moves better off the ball, he’s going to be very, very good offensively. And when he learns who on the perimeter he can leave and who he can’t, his activity and quick hands will make him at least adequate, if not more, on the defensive end. IMO, he has tons of upside. He needs coaching. That’s coming.


Yep, basically agree with this. There are so many ‘coachable moments’ that jump off the screen when you watch him play, but they are also very correctable. Might lead to some frustration early on for him, but he’s going to be playing for a coach who can fix those things.

Yes, I do think it has been a good thing. It’s not like he was in a great situation in Milwaukee where he was handing the ball a bit more and jacking up shots. This is probably closer to the role that he’ll play in college and he’s faced better competition (even if his team is usually better).


JB is the perfect coach for a kid with his skill set. If he gets the system early, watch out


You start to think that he’s just a shooter, then he does stuff like this:


Another couple deep threes for Poole.

If Moe and DJ come back, the Ward/Jackson vs Moe/DJ battles are going to be a lot of fun.


Poole has 9 points on 3-of-9 shooting (3-7 3pt).


I love MAAR, but he doesn’t have Poole’s range. He is definitely going to see the floor, a lot.


Poole definitely can shoot, and he will be in the rotation next season if he pulls his defense together.


Watching Jackson I was trying to imagine what it was that made him decide on State or if he had the chance to watch Wilson for a season if it would have had any impact on his decision.