2017 - G - Jordan Poole (Commit)



Watching LaLu play, it is clearly Bowens team. He has been around for them. I know @MattD doesn’t think the ranking matches the game but it seems like others are making that conclusion too and his pool is drying up. Any chance we would be able to make a late push to get back in his good graces?


In a word, no.


Jaren Jackson had an unbelievable game. Poole finished with 11 (if my memory is correct but somewhere around 11). He does not really get too many touches. It seemed like the Tyger Campbell Brian Bowen show with Jackson Coleman-Lands and Poole on the side but were productive when they had the ball and Epperson battling down low.


haha, thats what i figured… thanks



Guestavo, you have seen Jordan play live so what are your thoughts on his contributions as a frosh. Hope he hits Camp Sanderson hard.


Plays with flair, takes a lot of bad shots (which JB will coach out of him) but has deep deep range, very thin but every bit of 6’4-6’5 and has great spatial awareness/vision. Didn’t see him attack the rim at all probably due to his lack of size and will most likely need ball screens to create separation with his handle. Catch and shoot guy year 1 and then its off to the races the next 3.


Thanks, that’s what I kind of assumed similarly to Irvin potentially in the first year.



Much more of a pure, sweet stroke compared to Irvin.



One thing to note is that he’s got his feet set and ready to shoot on spot ups. Ball is gone before defenders can close out.


Looks like he plays on the “all hair” team.


I see a lot more than a catch and shoot only guy in that tape. He seems like the perfect JB 2 guard to me


Poole has very little calf muscle, like none. He’s one who’s vertical and quicks could improve with proper training.
He has a chance to be really good once he matures physically.


yeah he is REALLY thin in person…don’t expect him to finish through contact and he’ll probably get bumped off his spot, bullied and caught on screens plenty 1st year


I expect a Stu Douglass type freshman year from Poole. Spot up shooter at the most.

Im worried about PG and Wagner not coming back.


Love this film


Jordan and La Lumiere are playing Findlay on ESPN 2 right now. Jordan got fouled on a 3 and hit all 3 FTs, then hit a 24 foot 3 in transition on back to back possessions. Then proceeded to get a pretty unnecessary technical foul (although possibly unfairly as well). I don’t know anything about LaLu’s coach but he may have him on the bench for a while now.


He’s like Beilein, probably for the half.