2017 - G - Jordan Poole (Commit)



Really like the look of Tyger Campbell only to realize he looks like an MSU favorite at this point.

Good first half from Poole. Like to see a little more but this is a blowout so I don’t really expect to see him have to do something other than shoot


Needs work on his on ball defense. Great shooting stroke. Think he ended up with around 15 points. Bowen as impressive. 27 points with a bunch of threes. Langford on the New Albany, only a junior, hit for 40 and was the best player on the floor. Pitino and Self were in the crowd.


I’ve honestly never seen Bowen shoot that well. He’s got a major surprise coming about playing both ends of the court under Izzo.

Poole has abilities and some very identifiable skills. Let’s see how they get developed in college. He’s an above average prospect.


Well. He had the Dj short shorts look down already.


I didn’t realize this because I missed the start of the game but Poole tweeted out a box score after and he comes off the bench??? Behind Isaiah Coleman-Lands (Jalen’s little brother)…anyone have a clue why that’s happening, Coleman-Lands is a consensus 3 star much smaller player with no major offers other than Creighton and Poole looked wayyy better last night when I was watching even though he played less minutes


It might be a dynamic thing. I wouldn’t get hung up on starting for a team like La Lu for Poole. If Poole is getting his minutes, it is likely just a strategy by the coach for one reason of another


I heard a game or two ago his coach flipped out on him during the game. Maybe it was a punishment thing.
Or maybe it’s just to have a second unit guy that is a spark so they don’t lose their level of play when they sub.


I would guess it’s some sort of punishment. You only play 32 minutes in high school. Very little need for subbing. Certainly no issues with staggering minutes.


Oh got it. i wouldn’t be surprised to see Mo leave early for the pros,either in Europe or the NBA depending on how quickly he develops


We desperately need more creators on this team going forward. It’s shocking that it is our biggest deficiency given JBs offense and history.




Poole has range.


Does Poole have weird form?


Not even a little bit


Kid has a great shot.


I think that shot looked a little weird only because he had to put more effort into it to get shot to the rim. That was deep, it was a catch and shoot, and he had no forward momentum.


Poole on ESPNU right now as La Lu takes on Sierra Canyon


Did you watch?


I watched some. Poole didnt get much playing time. Its bowens team so i dont really put too much stock into poole’s stats