2017 - G - Jordan Poole (Commit)



Yeah, some of the nitpicking is ridiculous.


The passing is just so fricken smooth. It’s probably been since the POY that we’ve had anything like that, no disrespect to Spike. Cant wait to watch it (fingers crossed) translate to the college game.


Eric Turner could pass like that. He was fun to watch.
I’m looking forward to Poole.



Poole is hilarious.


Eric Turner was a magician with the ball. His HS teams were some of the best ever in the States history. His passing acumen at that level was the best I’d ever seen at the time.

He was a supreme talent while at M without a doubt. Poole will really have to be something to eventually compare with him. Different kind of player though.


Hope he is the real deal.


'17 SG Jordan Tucker just added Michigan to his impressive list.

He’ll decide late I believe.

Looks like we’re looking for more options aside from Bamba.



I’m really looking forward to Poole’s ability to pass coming off of ballscreens. I miss seeing that.


Gonna desperately need Poole to fill that pick and roll guard role effectively like Morris, Burke, Stauskas, etc.

2019 could be a pretty good year between Xavier,Poole, Matthews, Wilson and Wagner


2019? Wagner and Wilson won’t be here in 2018 let alone 2019


I’m saying this year as 2017, and I don’t see them declaring early. I don’t think they’re gonna be quite that good. I think they can be in that range of great college player that isn’t a stud NBAer, particularly Wagner.


Poole is playing on one of the ESPN channels tonight at 7.


Sounds like the Donovan Peoples-Jones commitment will follow.


Poole live on ESPN2 right now. Hit a long three in the first quarter.


And an even longer three in the second quarter


He has always had mesmerizing range. His biggest issue as a Frosh in college is going to be physicality. He needs to go on a 4000 calorie a day diet and find Sanderson’s weight room.

Hesitant to think he can create off the bounce at the next level effectively though. We’ll see. Happy to have him, nice prospect.


He’s not going to be a primary creator, but he can put it on the floor, get some pull-up stuff, and create for others. I saw him live at the Michigan camp–he’a very creative passer.

I really liked the Euro-step (though he blew the lay-up. I also like his willingness to defend and his activity on that end.


I think he can be a primary creator. Maybe not right away but by the time he leaves, he should be. Just hit another three this one off the dribble