2017 - G - Jordan Poole (Commit)



Announcer just said what I imagine is the first of many “Jordan Poole is more than just a shooter” quotes after Poole strips and saves a ball on a great defensive play.


It probably doesn’t mean much because he’s still just 2019, but he seems to be a heavy MSU lean to this point (5/5 CBs). His offer list is pretty limited so far, though (Creighton, Bama, Illinois, Depaul, MSU), so Im sure there’s a lot of time for things to change. Pretty strange, though, since he’s a fringe 5 star/top 25 kid (this is all according to 247)


Jordan Poole has game, not just a shot.


Slow it down a bit. He’s got great range but at this point there’s not another plus to his game. I’ve seen him play about 8 times this year and his defense is boderline awful. He did make a nice play today but in college, when you swipe down at the ball on a driver, 80% of the time it is a foul. He understand spacing pretty well at this point. I like Poole a lot, but he’s got a ways to go. If he doesn’t become even an average defender, he may not play too much. I see him playing about 8-12 minutes and that may be too high. MAAR and Matthews are locked in for 30+ Minutes a night and I see Watson being a factor next year. Hopefully all these kids wanting to play makes everyone work harder and become even better. Illinois, although they’re not high ceiling players(Jordan and Williams), caused problems in the locker room last year instead of pushing teammates to be better because they felt they should be playing. I do NOT see that happening here but just goes to show you it’s not always pretty when a lot of guys want minutes.


You’ve seen him way more than I have, but I disagree. He looks to be a plus passer with excellent vision. He’s pretty good finishing around the rim from what I’ve seen. And he’s got a great attitude – wants to share the ball but also wants to shoot it.

Defense will determine how long he gets on the court. With Brooks and Poole coming, I don’t think anyone has 30+ minutes in the backcourt locked in.


Where? I can’t see Maar playing less then thirty minutes.


Agreed hundred percent


I will be surprised if Eli or Jordan is anywhere near as effective as x or MAar. I think their both locks for thirty minutes actually. MAar probably 32. I also think Ibi will improve drastically.

I’m seeing 8-10 minutes for them both max.


Game is very easy for Poole.


A billion times more if he were considered caucasoid.


We’ll see. I think Poole could be special. MAAR has never really had competition at the two guard. He’ll obviously have a big leg up with experience and very well could play 30+ minutes, but he better be ready to compete.


I think that’s going to be up to MAAR and how assertive he plays. I think Michigan is going to need more from that spot than the often passive MAAR.


Im not a fan of Ty Campbell at all. Considerably over-ratted.


It won’t even be close. PoOle will be no where near ready to play big minutes/ defend. He will give us a solid 8-12 as a spot shooter off the bench, which we need but he won’t eat into maars time much.


I was just thinking about this the other day. I really hope some competition pushes MAAR to the next level, because I think we’re gonna need more from him than catch and shoot threes and occasional drives next year.


Hey, good points for sure. Let’s hope he fits the mold of those former players! I’m certainly looking forward to his development and growing into a great player.


MAAR has had his starting position basically by default over the last few years either because of injuries or recruiting misses. I have always said MAAR would be a great 6th man or depth player. But at this point I don’t see his minutes going down, as it’s just not how JB treats his seniors he trusts. JB wil go down with MAAR for better or for worse.


MAAR only played 30 minutes this year and he had no one behind him. Robinson, according to many critics here, can’t play defense either, but Beilein found him 20 minutes. Why? Because, like Poole, he can shoot. We lose the 152 3-point baskets that Walton and Irvin provided this year. What guards are going to take up that slack next year? Simpson and Mathews?

Poole and Brooks are not going to start, but we will need their scoring to make our offense work.


I don’t think that’s true. Vogrich played himself out of the rotation, Morgan did nearly the same one season. Robinson lost his starting spot. Teske was given the shot to surpass Donnal. Beilein will end up with the rotation that gives them the best chance to win. I just think they are going to need something different from MAAR to blend with Matthews and Simpson.


Beside Matthews MAAR will be charged with defending the opposite teams better players if it is a guard. Not sure any of the freshman will be ready for that even in spot duty. Vogrich was a shooter who did not shoot straight or play good defense. With Morgan it always came back to him playing better defense. Play better defense and be stronger on the boards, Robinson would have continued to start in my opinion. MAAR will be a competent defender.