2017 - G - Greg Elliott (Target)


I feel like we’ve really missed that big NBA bodied Guard type guy (Manny, THj, Stauskas, Levert to an extent, and even Irvin - 1500 career points).

Aubrey didn’t turn out to be the next diamond in the rough. MAAR and Duncan are nice players but nothing like what we’d need. Battle/Langford issue. That’s what seems to be missing the most during that spell. MAAR and Duncan are nice players but not the stars that would get you to the top of the conference.


I, too, would appreciate a signature feature on this forum. That way you could beat all of your dead horses on every one of your posts.


Only true fans who know a ton about basketball trash sophomores and juniors on the night they score 41points to help beat the #11 team in the country. Also, only those elite basketball minds can tell that Austin Davis is trending badly during his redshirt year.


Lmao I love this!


Hold on a sec. Saying Davis isn’t trending well is just dumb. Dumb dumb dumb. Get a hold of yourself.


amen. this is getting ridiculous.


You guys are killing me lol.


Is Davis playing this year/ y/n


I agree. I can’t believe those 3 classes did not yield at least one player to fill that role. I think Poole might be in that category but he needs S+C.


Ethan Happ didn’t play his freshman year either. Did you have divine insight into that one too?


But framing Davis as trending down is just working too hard. I don’t know who you are trying to sway.


Ethan Happ was playing behind an NBA player. If I were a Wisconsin fan, I might have viewed him like Teske.


Not really. I’ve been consistent in stating I did not think he was a take and the fact he did not make his way into the rotation with Donnal and Teske struggling for large parts of the season is not encouraging = trending wrong. He has time to change that, obviously, but we have zero impact to go off of.


To be fair, Beilein said a couple weeks ago he wished he didn’t redshirt him. I don’t think you redshirt a guy til January and take the RS off of him. Hell they almost didn’t do that with Caris, but made the call by Dec.

Are you going to burn a RS to play a guy for 3-4 minutes in a couple of games? Wagner has been so good that you don’t need a lot more from that spot.


Happ redshirted his freshman year. DJ essentially redshirted his freshman year. You can’t just assume that Davis is a misevaluation when he’s sitting out, especially when you had Wagner and Donnal ahead of him.


And what’s Mo Wagner, chopped liver? You’re not helping yourself.


Difference is I was high on DJ. I’m not high on Davis. Hence me saying I am “taking a leap of faith” on X and Teske. You are more than welcome to disagree.


Mo plays 23 mpg…i’ll let you figure that one out. Dukan also was a semi-NBA talent. Care to keep this odd comparison that has no legs going?


Based on what I’ve read from you regarding Davis, I’m imagining a line graph with the line starting at (0, 0), travels directly to the right and never rises above the x-axis. I agree that your assessments have been consistent. How can he be trending down, though, when you didn’t believe he was a take for Michigan, couldn’t immediately carve out a role, and then got redshirted when Teske was given the 3rd spot at the 5?

…or if you wanted to quote the old Billy Preston song, “Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin.”

There are enough folks here who like to split hairs, so I probably shouldn’t try to do the same, but I’m not sure how Davis is trending down unless you are just trying to provoke.


So what if Mo gets 23 mpg, he’d get 30 if he could stay out of foul trouble. Donnal’s his backup and is a decent player in spots. Kaminsky had a backup too and it wasn’t Happ. Your arguments are derivative. He’s redshirting and you know nothing about how he’s trending.