2017 - G - Greg Elliott (Target)


Yeah, Kaminsky’s backup got drafted. Its funny you try to compare that situation to Davis competing against Donnal and Teske. Its transparent.


weak sauce buddy. you still know nothing.


Are you talking about Dukan? He never got drafted and played one career NBA game.


I think Belein was intent on redshirting one of those bigs from the rip. I don’t think it’s an indictmebt on Davis at all. If people don’t think he will amount to anything I understand but I actually like his skill set, particularly for our rosters future/ type of teams Belein usually has. I think Belein expected Donall To be a real nice big off the bench this year which he hasn’t been ( loved him tonight) I’m with Dylan barring huge injuries you can’t lift a redshirt at this point.

As far as Elliot I am still in favor of going transfer/ bank for 18. I like his game but my faith in our roster next year and beyond is rising rapidly. Hell maybe we sign Bamba after all.

I can’t coach bigs huh? Roll out film if moe , dj, Mitch, Morgan versus their high school film. Imagine what he could do with mo Bamba. Moe and mo? Need I say mo? His interior d would make us filthy next year and versaitle


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You’re right. Still was on an NBA roster and clearly a much better talent than Donnal.


Yeah, no contest from me that he’s better than Donnal this year, just wasn’t sure if we were talking about the same person.


Player A:
13.9 mpg
4.8 ppg
2.5 rpg
0.2 apg
0.3 spg
0.2 bpg
.641 fg%
.462 3pt% (6 of 13)

Player B:
15.9 mpg
4.7 ppg
2.6 rpg
0.6 apg
0.2 spg
0.1 bpg
.386 fg%
.319 3pt% (29 of 91)


Yeah, we are. Basic point being that it’s easier to redshirt players when you have pro talent ahead of them. I think Happ was probably viewed a lot closer to Teske as far as skills/tools than Davis and would compete as a freshman against Donnal in the same manner.


Back to my initial point, going to be interesting to see if the 2017 class follows the 14-16 classes with large chunks of misevaluations. I generally like the class but think the need for another guard will be apparent in hindsight.


Lol thank you for this. Never thought I’d see the day where Duje Dukan was remembered as a stud. Donnal’s season last year was leaps and bounds better than any season dukan had at Wisc and how he managed to make an NBA roster for even one game baffles me


There’s no data on Davis other than a few comments by Beilein. To say that Davis is trending down based on no info on his redshirt year is baffling. I’m not projecting anything on Davis’ future except to say that he’ll likely be better next October than he was last October. That he redshirted, a decision that was made in early November, says little about where he is today or what he can accomplish. You’re sure that Davis will be a bust because Teske plays and Davis is redshirting. I don’t read much into that at all. This will play out in the next few years. We’ll bookmark this discussion.


No, I was down with on him as a commit and a RS does nothing to dissuade me.


Davis is going to be solid. Convinced of this. He is not an athlete but his soft hands, great touch, good foot work and physicality will counter that imo. He uses his body well and brings contact to opponents. He reminds me of a izzo big msn. I think he will be a very nice big off the bench particularly as a junior/ senior. I think he had potential to develop a shot too and become a good tough rebounder.

He will need post touches though so hopefully we feed him down there. Id love to see this with moe and dj more now too Every few possessions we should get an ISO down there or puck away and feed the block. I think it just makes sense for all three players and would make our offense that much more balanced / deadly


Most of the players JB has redshirted ,that didn’t redshirt do to injury has been very average or nonexistent to say the least.


I just think game has passed Davis type of bigmen by. Sure he might be a post scorer which only means so much if he can’t stretch the floor (especially with the roster going forward) but I expect underwhelming PnR and post defense.


Happ’s ability to stretch the floor was very effective last night…

On a more serious note, Coach did tell Davis to watch Happ last night (in another instance of Beilein mentioning Davis in his pressers. He doesn’t have to do that.). Not to say that Davis is Happ but perhaps more to say that there are players who can be effective in today’s college game with that style of play.


Davis is nothing like Happ. Not even close stylistically. One has guard skills and the other is a plodder.


The 5 spot is definitely not my concern. Guards Guards Guards.


Hey guys Dukan may not be a stud but his game is way better than Donnal’s and it is not even close. Donnal is only effective in small spaces and needs help most often when playing defense. His total defensive repertoire is taking offensive fouls and the occasional block while his offense is pick and pop period, as he fumbles most passes given to him and is blocked more times than any big I have seen. Donnal won’t even sniff an NBA roster.