2017 - G - Greg Elliott (Target)


We’ll disagree here. First, Izzo plays Nairn and Winston together some (as he has played PGs together since he got there) and that will likely increase. Second, Jackson has the skill set to play some SF, and he will, as MSU will go from too few bigs to too many unless one plays on the wing. Third, I would be very surprised if MSU doesn’t go after a grad transfer SF or a late add freshman in the spring–that would certainly fit with what I’ve head, and fit with the fact that if Bridges leaves, as expected, even adding Elliott would leave MSU at 11 scholarship player (12 if you count Goins). Finally, I would expect Langford’s minutes to skyrocket next year. It’s possible that Greg will earn playing time next year if he goes to MSU, but easy…not in my view.


MSU definitely needs guards… I agree with @MHoops1 that I wouldn’t think that Elliott would be the only wing they added late especially if Bridges leaves.


Nairn plays 23 MPG and Winston plays 20. They overlap slightly but for the most part that’s your PG spot. Then he’s splitting Eron and Alvin at the 2. McQuaid and Langford at the 3. Bridges and Ahrens at the 4. I highly doubt Jackson plays anything but the 4 next year, although as you say he may be capable to, but he slides perfectly into the massive minutes hole Bridges leaves. I agree Langford will make a big jump and McQuaid probably will too, but even if they both play 30 per game next year that leaves roughly 20 minutes up for grabs. Greg vs. another late add for 20 minutes is still a great opportunity to a late add recruit.

Whereas with us, MAAR plays 28 per game, Duncan plays 20. Zak plays 35, most of which will go to Matthews IMO. Then you’re battling Poole and Ibi for whatever’s left. It’s a rough sell especially with a coach that’s known to give his starters 30-35 minutes a game. Just look at our most recent late add freshman wing, a complete waste of a freshman season, no redshirt, no PT.


He hasn’t played guard this year, but if he stayed he’d probably play a lot more minutes at the 3 considering MSU’s recruiting class has two bigs/addition of Schilling. So, him leaving should be important to early wing playing time.


I guess I never responded to you. But my view is, if we don’t get Bamba and are not pursuing a grad transfer take Elliot and let him red shirt and be ready for 2018. I would prefer Elliot as second year freshman who has gone through strength and conditioning and learning the offense to either of Carmody or Ryan as freshman. I think he has skills that JB could work with along with intangibles (scrappy/grit).


I agree. Although I wonder…would Cain and Elliott both play the same positions for us? We passed on Cain but maybe not so for Elliott?


This is what I said a few months back…we had every opportunity to put full court press on Cain and didn’t. Just find it hard to believe Elliott is viewed as an upgrade, and from the coaching staffs actions, they don’t seem to be that active with Greg. Must not see the need at that position the way some of us do


Thankfully they are probably better at this than anyone here.


Which is interesting given 3 straight classes (not counting 2017) full of misevaluations. Going to be interesting to see if that was an aberration or if it is a systematic problem.


The fact that you’re calling the 2015/2016 class “a class full of misevaulations” when Mo Wagner was our only recruit of the class is pretty telling. Wagner was a great find.

At least you don’t hide your agenda.


2014- lets not talk about that
2015 - DR (you had people daring to bring up Stauskas name)
2016- Ibi, Davis not trending well. Still high on Teske and X but that is a leap of faith.
2017- ? I generally like this class but fear Brooks is a misevaluation in terms of thinking he is anything other than a offensive spark plug off the bench. Idk maybe JB got his magic back but this is going to be interesting to watch.


Id throw Teske in the “not trending well” category


2014 was a train-wreck headlined by a 5 star that everyone liked, 2015 was a general plus because of Mo, and 16 is basically entirely TBD even though you’d hope for more instant-impact from them. Between 2014 and attrition, we were left with holes that we are still patching up


Why are you pretending like Mo Wagner doesn’t exist?


Definitely misevaluated Tyus Battle’s dad…


Early frontrunner for post of the year


Tyus Battle’s dad didn’t force JB to lighten up communications with Josh Langford nor did it force him to take Ibi Watson over someone in his own backyard like Devon Daniels. And most certainly didn’t play into taking Davis early or not waiting on Winston.


Guestavo is pretending to have me on ignore. Can you ask him why he is pretending Mo Wagner doesn’t exist?


I’ll donate as much money as needed to get an ignore button going on here.


Also the option for users to have a traditional forum “signature” would be nice, that way guestavo wouldn’t have to manually type that he doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion at the end of all his posts.