2017 - G - Greg Elliott (Target)



Looks pretty solid. I wouldn’t be upset with using the scholarship on him.


I would argue the other side and say it is best to get Elliott in here next year as it gives him a year to learn system and bulk up. He is unlike any wings we have recruited in awhile and to be honest the 18 wing crop right now isn’t looking that great. Although lots of time to fix that for the staff.

Same reason I hope JB looks for transfers like Matthews, year to learn and more physically ready to step in than most the freshman we have gotten recently.


What I like about Elliot is he seems to have grit and will scrap. Mich could use a few more players with that intangible. Plus he seems to know how to play the game. And it doesn’t hurt to have a home grown player on the team.


He really has a push shot - hard to see that translating, and it’s not clear to me he’s a good enough athlete to overcome lack of skills. Would you like to know his shooting percentages. Really depends how quick he is too, which is a little hard to tell on tape. I could see both sides of this one. Reminds me a bit if Javon Bess in that way, who some here also thought we should take instead of Duncan Robinson. I think with X, Poole, Brooks, and Dejulius in the fold, it’s probably the right move to let him go elsewhere. But I wouldn’t be shocked to be proven wrong.


Remember when the same always wrong posters said Cassius Winston’s “push shot” wouldn’t translate. Ha!


Wasn’t me, I was always a a Winston fan. So much for not reading my posts though. :thinking:


Wasn’t me either.


One reason that I really like the idea of taking Elliott is his dynamic/relationship with DeJulius. I know that this is their first/only season together but how much of Elliott’s being taken to the next level is a reflection of 1) having a true point guard to play along side and 2) having just another player to take away the focus from him. There definitely seems to be a chemistry there that raises each others games and would love to see that translate at Michigan even if it isnt effectively showcased for another 2-3 years. My $0.02 if I were the staff… tell Greg that you are priority #2 and you will have an offer if Bamba does not commit. I think/hope he would respect that and give the process a bit more time. I am getting anxious that Greg will make a decision before Bamba


This may be exactly what is happening.


I really hope that it is. I know @guestavo1 and @MattD have had a bit of banter on twitter about this and lamenting that it may not be happening. I hope this type of contact is occurring though


Wasn’t there an interview with Greg this week where he said “I know where I want my final three official visits to be” and we weren’t involved?




Gut feeling- he ends up at Marquette as soon as he visits there. And if he does, it sure will be interesting to see how they fare over the next 4 years with Cain/Elliott


Yeah that is true… I am just holding out hope still. I am guessing, because of proximity and interest, that he has been on campus and could easily take the “full tour” if needed without an official visit. Basically just holding out hope that we can still swoop in because it doesnt generally sound like we are giving him enough contact for him to feel like we are a real pursuer.

Also, I think a Cain & Elliott duo will be pretty killer, just hope that come to fruition instead of Greg going green if we arent able to pull something out of it


Just read the article. Elliott says that MSU has so many senior guards leaving that it will be easy for him to get playing time as a freshman. MSU has exactly one senior who is not a big–Alvin Ellis III–who is 3 inches taller that Elliott and plays a lot at small forward. I’m confused.


Eron Harris is a senior as well.


Based on that, he’s definitely right. The only wings that MSU has next year are Langford, McQuaid and Ahrens. With how deep MSU goes, Elliot would definitely play. Could easily see him beating out Ahrens at the very least.


MSU will lose Eron Harris, Bridges, and Alvin ellis on the wing. They will bring back McQuaid (who lost the starting spot and had been awful), Langford, and Kyle Ahrens. Their other incoming recruits are all bigs. I see his point here, gotta think he could beat out Ahrens at the very least and possibly McQuaid.

With us, it’d be MAAR, Matthews, Duncan, Poole, Ibi. A little more crowded


Forgot Harris–my bad. Bridges is not a guard in any way. Greg would have to take time from one of 2 2Gs at MSU who have played very substantial minutes at MSU (Langford and McQuaid), neither of whom will be a senior. My brain fart aside, the point remains–if he thinks it will be easy for him to get playing time as an MSU freshman, someone is selling him a line and he’s buying it.


Langford and McQuaid both play exactly 20 minutes per game. Eron plays 23, Alvin plays 17. There’s 40 minutes available at the 2/3 spot for MSU next year and there’s no one coming in to take them. Unless you think Langford and McQuaid both jump up to 40 each, that’s a huge opportunity.