2017 - G - Greg Elliott (Target)


True, but Elliot’s in the '17 class and the focus of this thread


Yes, but CM being a 3/4, GE, and whether there is a need for a 4 in 2018 all impact each other so they all get discussed together.


So what P5 offers is Elliott sitting on?


Just wondering… because at this point I am confused in regards to you position on CM. So where does he play until DJ leaves? Does he sit and play secondary minutes of the bench at the 3 and 4 waiting in the wings for DJ to graduate?

I ask because I just do not see him sitting; some say he is already by far the best athlete on the team, probably the best defender and most capable of getting downhill from the the wing.


He’s our starting sf next year and there’s no real doubt about that.


What happened to Matt D? Taking some time off from the board? Gone for good?


He brings very good input to discussion on the forum. But as soon as the topic seems to turn to JB’s coaching and recruiting methods the direct responses and personal attacks from all sides turn all conversation into a dumpster fire. Eventually someone says enough, uncle, arrivederci etc. Hopefully he returns as he has great input even if I don’t agree with all his views. The Forum needs to stop taking things so personally.


Many of us value MattD’s opinion. The issue is that he makes a point of expressing how little he cares about most of our opinions.

But none of that has to do with the most recent reason he left, so that’s moot.


Due to lack of competition, he’d start at the 3 but he’ll play the 4 in the pinch when DJ rests


Wouldn’t be surprised if sliding CM to the 4 and subbing in Duncan/Poole for DJ was the better option, but I sure hope Livers gets some minutes, next year. I’d like to know if he’s a worthy heir apparent to DJ, especially if we miss on the upper-tier 4s on our 2018 board.


I can see Matthews at the 4 if JB wanted to play small ball with DJ at the 5.


Where does Elliot get his minutes at next year?

If he isn’t going to make an impact until his sophomore year I’d rather take take someone in 2018 with that scholarship.


I guess the question is are we going to bring in a grad transfer who can make an impact. If not then I would be okay with Elliot with a year in the program to add strength and learn the offense. I can see him as a better option of making an impact than any of the current wing we are recruiting.


So who does he play over on the wing next year?

What do you predict the rotation would be if we took Elliott?


As the roster is scheduled to look like currently I see X, MAAR, Matthews, DJ and Wagner as the starters which probably will be the best defensive lineup. But after that, you have Duncan, Ibi and freshman. Hope I am wrong but that is concerning to me when I think of the defense. Going to need a lot of growing up early.


I’m simply asking where you see Elliott getting his minutes next season.


Backing up McQuaid and Langford?


I tend to agree with banking the scholarship for 2018. Caveat being if the staff doesn’t think it has a realistic chance with either Carmody or Ryan AND if the staff views Elliot as having higher upside than the next level Class of 18 wings.


Have to agree. I don’t see Ryan or Carmody coming in and being worthy of getting significant minutes in 2018 so I wonder if they would even play with Poole, Ibi, Brooks, and CM/Livers (sparingly) all getting minutes at the 2/3. Ryan is going to be to weak and slow initially and Carmody does not have the ballskills to be high usage.


Remember Beilein tends to revert to an 8-man rotation. I agree with your likely starters. Off the bench, DRobinson seems to be a given on the wing, Teske is the likely back-up Center, and Brooks appears to have the inside edge as back-up PG (although maybe Poole forces his way in if Poole & MAAR can split running the offense w/Simpson on the bench).

That’s your likely 8-man there. With Poole (or Brooks) joining Watson, Livers, Davis waiting as foul trouble/injury/shake-up the lineup depth.