2017 - G - Greg Elliott (Target)


If Greg does not get an offer or goes elsewhere, JB and company need to ensure they expand their guard pool in 2018, hit on their evaluations, offer and actually connect. Shouldn’t be scrambling into next spring nor should they reach early on a project.


In your opinion would a UM offer change anything anyway? You have made it clear an MSU offer is viewed as a level above UM anyway so is it even worth trying to jump in if Izzo’s made the move


If Coach Beilein is waiting on Bamba, and foresees no attrition on roster, then I have no problem not offering Elliot at this juncture. There isn’t a spot available. Elliot is worthy of an offer,would probably get one, but for the numbers


Does Greg have a timeline to make a decision or any knowledge if Michigan has reached out yet?


But he wanted to commit? I really like him. If he wanted to come on board you gotta let him. Huge mistake not letting him.


For the love of God, let’s do Dylan a favor and not talk about this again. It will end in much arguing and a locked thread.


Hey JJ! The problem with that, imo, is that Beilein has to start playing some %'s here. The chance that Bamba comes to Michigan is very slim. UK is now the leader imo, with still an official to Duke coming up.

Elliott is the kind of kid we need in this program and would be great next to, in front of, or behind Poole for 4 years. Duncan (sorry), Irvin and the rest of our wings aren’t able to take it strong to the hoop and finish. Walton was the only one today not playing scared. Elliott is a dawg. I just don’t understand the mentality of waiting for Bamba, and only Bamba when we have other needs as well.

On top of this, some others in the know have hinted that Cormic Ryan may be questioning the amount of wings at UM and we’re certainly not the fav for Carmody in '18. Offer Elliott NOW.


Same difference


An unimportant one. He was offered.


If making the league is his goal, or getting himself the best education possible if he falls short of pro ball, I don’t see how MSU is a better option. Josh Langford didn’t exactly look like a guy on a fast track to the NBA today, and he was a much higher rated prospect than Elliott.

But I guess if you want a coach to scream at you on national television, or blame you when things go wrong, Izzo’s the guy.


Did he official anywhere in the fall?


Mattd…lets go another route…How close are Dave and Greg? Are Greg and Cain close? Any impact on either of those relationships to recruitment?


Going with him? I’ll get you a beer in Milwaukee lol.


They already have a PG in that class.


MSU is on track to have Foster Loyer and Tyger Campbell in 2018.


No, I meant are you going to take the trip to Marquette with him. I live in Milwaukee.


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Milwaukee in general is a pretty bad place right now. A lot of crime and segregation.

I’m about 20 miles north and hope to keep it that way.


Gotta be honest, I watched a bit of La Lumiere and Campbell looked really small and, well, average to me. It was just one game, of course.


He looked like he should be playing tailback somewhere.