2017 - G - Greg Elliott (Target)


Solomon looked good. Seems like he’s completely getting overlooked. Not sure how, real athletic/ looked tall and with a nice shot. Nice slasher too.


He is a traditional pg. He has a sick handle but he won’t blow you away with highlight plays.


Yeah I’ve watched a reasonable amount of Tyger during EYBL…don’t get the big deal about him, at all.


idk, the fact that his name is Tyger is pretty awesome in and of itself.


Curious which coach it will be.



Very curious to see if Greg gets an offer


Has he been up to AA for a visit?


So what do folks believe is the real chance that Greg gets offered? A large contingency on here hopes that he does regardless of Bamba. We also may just be too late to the party. If I were a betting man, I would put the odds that he gets offered at less than 50%. I think we are just going to slow play this too much to land him. What are others thoughts?


Did Dylan just break out the neuralyzer from Men in Black?


Keep in mind that getting offered is a different question than whether he signs with Michigan…


No doubt they are different questions, especially considering Michigan wouldnt be a clear best offer at this point. I guess, it would be two questions then: 1) what are the chances that he actually gets the offer; 2) if he does get an offer, what are the chances that he commits?

I dont think he will end up getting an offer because of timing and thus will not have an opportunity to commit. I am curious what others’ thoughts are on the above two questions.

Thanks for help clarifying the intent


Depends on how fast UK/Duke players declare for the draft following the tourney.


Did the stuff from last night get zapped?


Yeah everything got wiped. Probably for the best all things considered…


Hopefully john offers. He was willing to take a 5th center in Austin Davis when he had teske donnal Wagner and Doyle but seems hesitant to take a 3rd 2 man. Doesn’t add up


That’s a good point.


The Davis take confuses everyone, and throws a wrench in a lot of recruiting hypotheticals. Im not sure that it had anything to do with JB wanting 5 centers (we are at 4 this year, and perhaps likely only 3, next year) vs not wanting 3 SGs. I think the lack of Greg scholarship offer has more to do with (1) waiting on Bamba and (2) JB not being sure Greg is a take.

I (1) dont think Bamba is coming and (2) think Greg is a take, though.


I think there needs to be almost an expectation of at least 1 non-5th year renewal transfer every year. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t be any, but I think there has to be that mindset. I do feel like think we will start to see this mindset more going forward.

We have seen it in the past after the 2012 season and the 2016 season there were a bunch of transfers.


When Davis was offered, it was understood that he might have to prep a year. They were never going to have 5 bigs on the roster. Things changed once Doyle transferred.
With Elliot, they were hoping Ibi would be further along by now. Obviously, they are revisiting things. Timing is not ideal with Bamba out there so it will be interesting to see what Beilein does if it looks like Elliot won’t be waiting much longer.