2017 - G - Greg Elliott (Target)

I want mattd back.

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Wouldn’t count on it.

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I like Elliot but I want a grad transfer point/ combo guard. I’m not ready to give up on next year. Without getting a pg we could be reSlly limiting our chances if x or Brooks don’t come in and have immediate impact / improvement. Ok like our rosters potential next year, I think adding Mathews while losing Irvin is really gonna help. Plus I like dj and moes potential to dominate next year

He left? When and why?

Why is that

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This is what is meant by feel. I have yet to see that in Brooks film but I see it with Poole.

He is visiting MSU today and will OV soon. If he commits to MSU, will be interesting to compare him to Brooks and whomever accepts the open scholarship.

State article about Elliott, we are mentioned twice as the team he grew up cheering for. Really hope Bamba announces a top 2 after his Duke visit and if we aren’t in there then we put the press on this kid. I know it has been mentioned that JB will pass cause of Poole and Eli but this is the exact type of kid we need and you aren’t going to do much better than him in the April period.


Sam’s gut says that we aren’t interested even without Bamba.

I’m sure they’ll find a catch and shoot guy who can’t create in the spring

Thanks Reegs, hope Sam is wrong on this one. Did he say what type of player they would go after? Have to think it is pretty obvious that wing is a spot that needs to be addressed.

Yeah he said they are looking at other possible front court guys (which I don’t get given the roster composition) if they miss on Bamba, but they might just bank the scholarship.

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That’s super weird. Clearly Bamba’s talent makes him a take, but it’s hard to imagine there’s another front court player out there who is talented enough to justify taking him over a role of need (creator). Idk all the 2017 recruits who are still uncommitted, but it seems unlikely that there is a better option than Elliott (at least no one who is as likely to commit). I still see the argument for banking the scholarship/holding out for a grad transfer wing, though.

Appreciate the info, I hope frontcourt player means a wing since they technically aren’t backcourt. Going to be interesting late period as usual, always have potential coaching changes for new prospects.

I’m not all that familiar with Elliot’s game, but isn’t he somewhat similar to Poole?

About as similar as Manny Harris and Nik Stauskas

Neither is a pg and neither is a 4. I get that.
I know you think Matthews is a capable 4, and I can see that happening for limited minutes, but realistically he’s the starting 3 next season with Wilson playing 30 plus minutes at the 4 and Livers contributing as well at the 4 (hopefully).
So that leaves Matthews, Poole, Watson, MAAR with the majority of minutes at 2/3 with only MAAR graduating next year. This doesn’t even take into account where Duncan Robinson’s minutes are going to come.
Maybe Elliot would be a better roster fit if he was in the '18 class?

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For the millionth time, CM at the 4 would come after DJ graduates.

I don’t see anything as realistic til I see him take the court. We will see if JB sticks CM at the 3 if he doesn’t show the ability to hit the 3 or create off ballscreens. If not, I suspect his slashing and defensive versatility will be more impactful at the 4.

I don’t even take Watson into consideration.

So you are potentially talking about one season with Matthews playing the 4, and that being 3 seasons from now.

Regarding Watson, Coach Beilein has to take him into account, and is possibly higher on him than you. I’m not saying you’re right or wrong, only speculating on reasons this staff doesn’t feel the need to add Elliot to the '17 class.

Yes, I’m talking 3 seasons out since decisions about the 2018 class are being made now.