2017 - F - Donnie Tillman (Target)

Lot’s of Tillman discussion going on so moving to a standalone thread.

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I would love Tillman and Young. Are they stepping it up with Tillman at all?

U-M watched him a few times in Vegas including Beilein.

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I like livers a lot but I’m gonna keep reiterating, Tillmans skill set is what we need. Honestly though young, livers,Tillman are all great options. I really hope we offer him soon.

What is it about Tillman’s skillset that we need?

Physical,great passer, nice creator, tough. Great all around game. I think he’ll turn into a nice 3 ball shooter. Nice rebounder. He just gets things done.

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I do like his physicality and rebounding, though I wonder if he’s a good enough athlete for offensive rebounding to translate into a real strength at the college level. I also like his all around game, though I’m not sure it’s as good or, again, translatable to college, as some others think.

As for shooting, he was 0 for 3 from 3 in EYBL this year and he was a 64% FT shooter. As far as I can tell, he didn’t take a single 3 at Findlay Prep this year. He may end up being a fine shooter, but he hasn’t demonstrated that skill so far.

It’s not that I don’t like Tillman’s game, but I think he’s had an inflated profile around here, even if his strengths line up with some weaknesses of our past couple teams. On some of our better teams I don’t think Tillman would’ve been a particularly good fit.

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I watched the film mattd had on his website for the first time of Donnie the other night and again it made me love that kid. I really hope we pursue him hard and offer soon. There are so many things I love about his game. He’s very skilled and physical and he plays with energy. Scores in so many ways. Great vision. Nice athlete for that size. Great foot work and spin moves. Runs the floor. Gets a ton of tip baskets it seems like. I’d love to hear some noise about him. Looks like he played well in front of our coaches. I believe I saw them in the bottom of the video.

I’m sure UM/MSU will be scratching their heads in the future wondering how Daniels/Tillman escaped them. They’re going to make a lot of noise.

Larry Krystkowiak is one of the names at the top of my list when JB’s time is done here.

I like livers but letting Donnie get away or not being interested is amazing to me. We should have brought that kid home. He’s completely underrated by recruiting sites. He’s a top 60 guy all day. Imo he would have ended up as the jewel of our class even above Poole. He’s going to be a monster three or four year stud out there.

While I am pissed we weren’t interested more I’m more shocked Michigan st wasn’t all over him. He screams Spartan ball and Izzo. Honestly I think he closely resembles another Spartan hero in draymond green. I think he will closely resembles draymonds skill set and style of play and I can see him being a three or four year monster who goes under the radar and gets drafted late first/ second round. That’s right, I’m predicting nba for Donnie. As long as he’s a hard worker I think he will get there as a new age tweener 4.

Also love him because he has those weird intangibles and feel for the game that is natural and can’t be taught. Those weird quick tip ins ect. I will be rooting for the Utes on the side

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I really liked Donnie’s game but who’s scholarship spot would he have taken? You wouldn’t take him and Livers together and Livers seems more like the typical JB 4.

I would have taken him over livers. Also why not take them both. If we’re adding one in 18 anyways why not? Not the right class balance I get it but still. Plus he can dribble and create and pass like a 3 at times.

Livers is more of a Belein 4 and I really like him too so I’m not too upset. I would have been ok with him , Tillman or young. I was hoping he’d go away from his usual “style” of player on this one I guess. Young and Tillman just happened to be two of my 2017 favorites.

Also after losing Langford because him and battle played the same spot I’m starting to lean toward take the talent and worry about the combo later. Either way I’m happy with livers. I think livers is the best 2017 talent we got.

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I think class balance would be a huge factor. So then if you’re only taking 1…as we both said, Livers is a JB 4. It’s too bad because I think Tillman is a great player.

Or we could have gone something like Wisconsin in 2013 when they signed both Hayes and Vitto. Two different styles of players. They could play small if they wanted and it seemed like it worked out for them.

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I was always under the impression that Michigan didn’t take Langford because there wasn’t an available scholarship for him at the time, not because they both played the same position.

Daniels was a miss. I probably won’t care about Tillman that much unless Livers doesn’t pan out, but I think he will. Still, it will be interesting to follow their careers. Seems like a very nice get for Utah.

He’s been solid, for sure. My top two names would be Tony Bennett and Gregg Marshall.

I mean, if I got to assemble the class out of the (realistic) recruits JB was targeting?


Livers or Young are good, too. Just style preference as I love TIllman’s blend of ball skills and physicality. Really liked Eastern over Brooks but the fit is impossible with some of the other takes unless you swapped out Tillman for Livers/Young.