2017 - F - Donnie Tillman (Target)



Yeah - there are probably a number of us that would have built the class a little different. haha
But it’s a pretty solid pool to pick from. I wish we had a little better blend with athleticism/defense.

I really liked Cain. I wish we had found a way to get him on the roster. He screamed Levert to me for a number of reasons.


It seems to me, though, that Cain being on that list would mean to the exclusion of Mathews, who is basically taking up a spot in the class. Would you have preferred Cain over Mathews? And what’s your list if Mathews is part of it?

By the way, I’m just curious, not attacking your opinion in any way. If you say Cain over Mathews, that’s defensible.


I actually saw Cain as a 2 in the mold of THJR.