2017 - C - Mo Bamba (Offer)


We weren’t in the Jackson recruitment


I know who dotman is. He’s been around the boards 20 years. Didn’t know people actually took him serious or that he’s now a mod. He was bluevod before bluevod


I"ve lurked on message boards over 10 years (because I’m just a fan with no real knowledge), and always considered Dotman’s posts a cut above most. Consider this a sad attempt to ingratiate him into posting here.


We’re definitely lacking on the basketball insider front in general. I’d be interested to hear about the details of the top recruits that we’re in on after they commit, wherever it may be, like we do with the football guys.


He hasn’t had any real inside information since the days of Charles Ramsey.


Yup. That was his boy.


And that was bad info. Dotman during the TA years had inside info but hasn’t been all that reliable since. Beilein doesn’t like to let out a lot of info, which makes sense when you consider how frequently he tries to get in early on undrrrated recruits.


Yeah, it is definitely a Beilein thing. Visits are never public information. Sam obviously has access to all things UM. The staff is on his show a lot. If anyone would have a line to anything, Sam would be a likely candidate. Beilein operates in stealth mode, which does it really surprise anyone?


Duval to Duke


Yea. I’m leaning toward bamba to duke after this. Besides us they are the other team that checks all the boxes. They now have the talent to do something big. Plus it’s only Carter and bolden. Play bamba next to Carter.


Then bolden and tucker off the bench. Could be a good team with bamba.

Honestly Kentucky and duke will disappoint next year imo. I think we have potential to be better then either. If Wilson and Wagner are smart and come back next year could be special.

If Wilson goes I honestly believe Michigan is bambas best landing spot.


What a lifesaver Duval is for them.

It has to be stressful to every year have to hope every single one of these freshman “hit” or you will be bad.



X, Duncan, Poole, livers, teske or Davis. Pretty great lineup. Honestly I could see x winning the job if given the chance. Gotta think Simmons was under impression it’s his team to control. I just really think x ceiling is higher.

X having time to get comfortable will do him wonders. I still think he would shock big ten play with how good he is. Bring dj back or bamba and man we’re going to be very good.


And Tucker too


I listed tucker off the bench.


Yeah but ‘bad’ for Duke seems like a 7 seed in the NCAA. I feel like bad for us is still NIT (which is up from cbt or whatever that 3rd one is).


Mo Bamba to Texas.


My jaw just broke


well, dang.


Their '17 class is pretty loaded now.


And, unfortunately, we have to play at Texas next season :frowning: