2017 - C - Mo Bamba (Offer)


I’ve been laying low on the Mo Bamba hunt, but here’s some updates.


The Knox thing seems a big deal.


According to Knox’s dad. I can’t take the Lavar Balls of the world seriously.


I don’t think any insider ticketed Knox for Kentucky - shows that in certain recruitments, the experts know very little.


I’ve been following his recruitment for awhile now because UNC was in it. Mr. Knox reminds me a TON of Tyus Battle’s dad.


Doubt this affects Mo too much (and Duke might get Trevon Duval) but Frank Jackson just signed with an agent and will remain in the draft. Surprising to me


Same. He is nothing special. Thank god for Duke Grayson stayed. They lost, Jackson, Jefferson, Jones, Kennard.

They need Duval in a bad way.


Tatum Jeter and Giles too. Pretty sure all they have coming back is Greyson and Bolden. And adding Wendell Carter and Gary Trent. Weird roster though and huuuuge hole at point guard.


Giles and Jeter were bums but I hear you.

Carter, Bolden, Allen, Trent, huge hole at point guard for a starting line up and no bench (Alex Oconnel) doesn’t sound great.

Louisville probably would have ran through that league if Mitchell stayed. Maybe UNC will be good if Bradley comes back.
Lots of turnover.


It’s really crazy how much a few late recruit decisions impact things. Duke’s roster right now probably misses the tournament. Add Duval and Bamba and they might be preseason #1.


I put little stock in preseason rankings of teams so heavily leveraged with freshman when every preseason ranking every year has Kentucky number 1 no matter what and they never pan out that way.

I would take Simmons, MAAR, Mattews, Wilson, Wags over Duval, Trent, Allen, Carter, Bamba right now.


Yes, and every pre-season some media type suggests UK will go undefeated. I’m still waiting.


Well they came pretty damn close in 2015.


I know i already asked this but at this point, are wilson and wagner the only players from Duke, Texas, Kentucky and UM who can impact the shape (stay or go) of a team for next season?

if correct, then it’s food for even though sam webb thinks we are running 4th in this race


Anyone know who the most respected dude for Michigan basketball recruiting info is? I love Webb for football, but I’ve never really felt like he has much inside info for basketball.


Webb used to be. He still gets a nugget every now and then but there’s really not one person anymore.


My thing is there’s a reason why it hasn’t happened since 1976.

No person/media can possibly pick a pre-season team out, let alone the same program, season after season, with any confidence other than a total “Let me get this out here so I can puff my chest out “if” it happens” type of prophesy.
Get half way through a season and yeah, there’s evidence then to properly suggest such a possibility. Pre-season, though? Nope.


I’d say Dotman on the Scout board, but there is much less news about hoops than there is football.




He’s a moderator on the Scout board (not an employee) who has AD connections and will have stickied informational posts. He was the guy reporting about how we got back into the Jackson recruitment last year, for example.