2017 - C - Mo Bamba (Offer)


@CoryR??? What happened???


If Jarrett Allen is the model he’s shooting for, a half season of growth and production in a good but not great conference, no expectations of team success, and becoming a one-and-done lottery pick, then it makes sense. He clearly loves Shaka, too. If academics were indeed a factor, Texas sure fits the bill better than Kentucky. I haven’t looked at their roster, but I suspect that PT won’t be an issue, neither.

I’m gonna have to dream of something else besides Simmons’ lobs to Bamba now.


I’m hoping this means that DJ and Moe are returning.


Sounds like Texas had three things we couldn’t compete with in order of importance – close relationship with Shaka, admission into B school for freshmen, and warm winters. Allen did better for himself than a lot of higher rated guys who go to Kentucky, so I can see that point. Best of luck to him.


This is CoryR’s friend. I have been posting on Cory’s profile that I expect Mo Bamba to go to Michigan. I can’t believe he never noticed! Boy oh boy as you can imagine he sure is going to be upset at me when he finds out what I was doing. I bet this is the last you hear of me!


This is all about his relationship with Shaka. End of story.


Loose lips really do sink ships. Your friend blew this opportunity for us, CoryR. Shame on him.


Pure speculation, but what if this is an indicator of news regarding Moe and DJ. Bamba waited this long to see how rosters would shake out. Why wouldn’t he wait until the 24th to make his decision unless he knew something about roster spots.

*removes tin foil hat


Looks like he signed an LOI (I assume last night) right before the deadline which was yesterday. Just judging by the fact that UT put out a press release, etc.

Don’t think it has anything to do with DJ or Moe one way or another, been a lot of Texas talk for a while and the Shaka relationship appears to have been the key.


Really? They have been the prohibitive favorite for a long time.


Most liked post of all time here?


FWIW, even in the postmortem of Bamba’s recruitment Michigan’s involvement remains a mystery shrouded in the unshakable ignorance of writers who follow other programs more closely.


Impact level: 2

What Bamba’s choice means: If we are being honest, not even the Wolverines most blindly faithful supporters gave Michigan much of a chance of landing Bamba. Sure he would have been a great piece, but the reality is that his strengths and Michigan’s style of play under John Beilein didn’t appear to fit very well together. It would have been easy to find a way to use Bamba and he surely could have been a fine player in Ann Arbor. But, the fact is that the decisions of D.J. Wilson and Moritz Wagner with regards to the NBA Draft are significantly more impactful to the Wolverines’ future than Bamba’s decision.

  • What does the low probability of Bamba coming to Ann Arbor have to do with the impact felt by missing out on him?
  • So missing out on Bamba is no big deal because losing DJ or Mo would be more impactful?
  • Did someone misplace their tapes of the 2014 NCAA Tournament? I’d say McGary fit in Beilein’s system just fine.
  • Those NBA decisions haven’t been made yet. Should DJ or Mo or both(!) go pro, wouldn’t the impact level of missing out on Bamba change to 11?


Seriously. Bamba would fit in ANY system, both offensive and defensive. And NBA bigs, these days, need to learn the high PNR, and the pick-and-pop is a huge bonus…which Michigan just demonstrated masterfully, over the last 2 months of the season.

And even though Mo or DJ leaving is easy to look at as a “loss,” and missing out on Bamba looks like “missing out on a gain,” I firmly believe Bamba would have been just as helpful for the 17/18 season as either Mo or DJ. So the impact on missing out on him is, imo, equal to losing one of DJ/Mo; it’s just we expect the chance of DJ/Mo returning to be higher than we expected the chance of Bamba choosing Michigan.


This is a pretty tepid review for a guy that Bamba cites as an example of player development under Shaka Smart.


With some one-and-dones, it really looks like the coaching plan is to not screw them up too much.


Had Beilein start recruiting Bamba earlier, he should’ve bagged him instead of Shaka Smart. I am still bothered by the fact the it was Bamba’s camp who approached the school first.


But why did they approach UM? Did he really want to come here or did he just want a visit or something that looked good on his resume, like his interest in Harvard? He talked a lot about academics, and then chose Texas. Texas is a fine school, but it is no Harvard or UM. Besides, I doubt if he is there beyond one year.


Texas is very similar to Michigan academically. In terms of tiers they’re definitely in the same group as UM, Virginia, UCLA, Berkeley, etc.


There are a lot of different ways to rate universities academically. The 2017 rankings listed by U.S.News and World Report for the schools you listed are: #20 Berkeley, T#24 Virginia, UCLA, #27 Michigan and #56 Texas. Harvard is #2.
Note: Some of the schools rated above UM do not have Division 1 basketball or would not be a program up to Bamba’s level.


US News’ ranking of undergrad business schools, Bamba’s stated interest, has Michigan at 4 and Texas at 6.