2017 - C - Mo Bamba (Offer)


Yeah, top guys might have all sorts of considerations when picking a school and teams will make all kinds of pitches. I just don’t think that having a sure path to minutes is as slam dunk a factor as is sometimes suggested.


When is the rally to protest Mo Bamba’s delay? Let me know a couple days in advance so I can plan travel time.


We’re planning the protest, but before we make that decision we have to weigh a number of factors that aren’t obvious to others. It might take a while, so please be patient.

When we make that decision and are ready to announce it, we’ll let everyone know.




For this supposedly being a quiet recruitment with Bamba not tipping his hand, the recruiting experts seem to have a lot of opinions. Most don’t seem to consider Michigan much of a factor. Borzello thinks it’s down to UK and Texas. The rivals national guys think the same thing.


You don’t get clicks by staying quiet or saying you have no idea.


They get paid by the word. No info, nothing to say = no money. So make some shit up.


I can’t agree with the last two posts enough. If there’s no buzz, there’s money to be made and clicks to be gained by creating your own buzz.


If we land Bamba, people in AA better be on the lookout because he has failed his drivers license test for the second time :clap:t2:


Next IG jokes that he actually passed… geez what has this thread devolved to



So I guess Greer Love, mentioned as his mentor in the article, is the UM connection?


That’s crazy…he wants to have college buildings named after him? And after only one year?


Real World to Bamba: check yourself before you wreck yourself.


cough cough


If you’ve watched any interviews of Bamba, he comes off as supremely confident and very intelligent. It comes to no surprise he’s got some arrogance to go along with that.


I hope that he gets buildings named after him the same way Stephen Ross got buildings named after them, by footing most of the bill himself.


I read Bamba’s statement less as the result of him being delusional and more as a statement about his commitment to being a loyal person who isn’t only focused on basketball. He wants to enter a college community in a meaningful way and he wants to be tied to that community for his lifetime–in a tangible way.


Insight. Nice job.


Could be, I was thrown off by him talking about getting it done after one year. His Michigan mentor needs to talk about how those buildings get named. On the other hand, if he’s looking to make a one year impact that lasts forever he needs to think Michigan and probably Texas. Great players and national championships all blend in at Duke and Kentucky :wink: