2017 - C - Mo Bamba (Offer)


BREAKING: Sources are confirming former 5 star recruit Marques Bolden is transferring from Duke. No information on destination yet. pic.twitter.com/VOBvDWodlZ

— Barstool Blue Devils (@BarstoolBDevils) April 2, 2017

uh oh. Maybe we can get Bolden or Jeter?


Its been real. But seriously I’d love to add bolden


Ehhhh, I don’t think this will have much of an impact on Bamba. He was gonna play over Bolden no matter what.


I think it’s a sign that bolden might know something. Leaving cause he sees he’s backing up again


Oh. Well that would suck :frowning:


That would make him the one person on the planet who knows what Bamba is doing. K didn’t give him any PT and he knows they are at least trying to recruit over him so he’s leaving.


I just think with the way he’s talked about them and how they provide three major check marks as he’s said and the clear path to starting center that he’s liking it. I feel like duke or texas

Not even as a homer I still believe Michigan is his best all around choice. Duke is closing quick though. I really wish the kids would create a better atmosphere at crisler. I get it’s a football school but there’s no reason it can’t be both. That’s one thing I’d like if I’m bamba.

I mean look at nebraskas fans. Their horrible yet you see the atmosphere and their jacked up. As a player that’s one thing that would make me go ehh. Ucla even worse. Arguably best program ever and NO ONE cares besides bill Walton. Terrible home court/ atmosphere for a big time program.


From a fans perspective, we should want Bamba to come to Michigan. I have always been an advocate of getting as many good players as possible without worrying about the fit. It would be a blessing to have to decide two out of the three of DJ, Moe, and Bamba. Plus, Moe often gets into foul trouble, and we would be able to bring an effective big off the bench. Could also play with the idea of starting all three, with DJ at the 3, but that seems unlikely.


Who doesn’t want him?


FWIW, if Bamba cares about the academic side of things, UM Men’s basketball had 6 players on the B1G all-academic team, Duke 2, Kentucky 0, Texas 0.


I’ve been wondering, though, why would academics be such a high priority for a one-and-done player? Sure, we’d love to have him for the one year he’d be on campus and I expect him to be a guy who returns to finish his degree at a later date. I just don’t know how Bamba judges what schools offer him academically if his plan (in the near future) is to only be around for two semesters.


That’s a great question and is true for 90% of players, but the best example I can think of is Greg Oden. Did he make good money? Absolutely. However, did he save it and what’s he going to do now?

I know Oden is trying to get into coaching, but for someone like Bamba, if injuries derail your career, you can always get back to Michigan to graduate and start another career.


there are people who cares about going to classes and learning and being intellectual besides good at basketball. One of such example is Bill Bradley.


Bolden has decided he’s staying at duke for another year. Only helps us.


I feel like Bolden staying shouldn’t be game-changing. Duke’s scholarship chart right now is.

PG - Grayson Allen / Frank Jackson
SG - Matt Jones / Gary Trent Jr.
SF - Luke Kennard / Alex O’Connell / Justin Robinson (PWO) / Jack White (3 star)
PF - Javin Delaurier / Wendell Carter
C - Marques Bolden / Antonio Vrankovic (3 star)

They don’t really have a candidate for a small ball 4 like Parker or Ingram or Tatum. So they are gonna be playing two bigs most of the time. Leaves plenty of minutes for Bamba. No returning production among that frontcourt.


Well, Duke, Kentucky, & Texas aren’t in the B1G ---- which means that’s a pretty impressive feat from Duke :joy:


From the limited he has said, it sounds like it is as much the alumni base and networking options as it is the academics as they relate to him. The ability to network with future CEOs and people he can invest/work with in his post-NBA career


Oden is currently enrolled as a sophomore under the Department of Human Sciences, in the school of Education, Sports Industry…which includes coaching, sport management & marketing Etc.

Greg is a good comparison for Bamba. Both are intelligent young people. Not sure what Mo’s exact HS gpa is but I know it’s up there. Oden carried a 3.7 gpa out of Lawrence North to college at Ohio State. Initially, he wanted to become an accountant as that was the business his mother was employed in.

It’s always a great thing to understand a former player, after his playing years are over, can come back to his school and pursue available opportunities. Wish it worked that way in every instance.


Thanks for sharing and that’s awesome to hear on Oden!

It’s always a great story to hear about players like him, who have been through so much - whether it’s injuries or anything else - and ultimately chose to right the ship and make something of them-self outside of basketball. Truthfully, I had no idea he carried such a high GPA out of high school.

I fully agree too, his example would be exactly why someone like Bamba prioritizes education. You just never know what the next 10 or so years may bring.


As someone once wrote me here in reply, I now say to you—>“Amen, brother!”