2017 - C - Mo Bamba (Offer)


For their respective conferences, duh.


Bam Adebayo didn’t hire an agent…could potentially still return to Kentucky


Knowing that Bamba’s biggest priorities are relationship with the coach and alumni network, I feel better about our chances after hearing him talk in this video


Kind of interesting he said how personable Beilein is. Kid’s done his homework and I can see why he’s torn. It sounds like his best relationship is with Shaka and best network is Michigan.


Laughing out loud at imagining Beilein and Shaka in a freestyle battle. Finally a question that Bamba couldn’t spin to answer with every school.


3 guesses for Texas, 1 for Kentucky.


Jarrett Allen is done at Texas. Declared for draft and signed with an agent. Good that more guys will be projected before Wagner and wilson but bad that the spot is now open for Bamba.


Bamba to Texas makes a lot of sense now. That plus the Shaka connection


Of the 4 schools, he’s locked into 30+ minutes a game at Texas.


Never thought I would say this but wish we had an extra scholarship for the late signing period. Just don’t want to miss out on the grad guards that we could potentially get.


If you were Beilein, would you grab the grad transfer of your choice while you can and worry later about how to sign Bamba if he wants to come?


Truthfully, IF he was waiting for draft decisions, wouldn’t he pick Texas in the immediate future if that was his choice?

If he doesn’t pick Texas in a week or so, makes me strongly think he’s waiting to see what Moe and DJ do. What more is there to necessarily wait on for Duke and Texas?


I’m not sure that this is good for Texas re Bamba. An 11-24 team lost by far their best player. Is Bamba really worried about getting minutes? Does he want to be like Simmons or Fultz, who went for 23-6-6 and was barely noticed? Their incoming class is good but hardly a sure thing and not a Kentucky level class even with Bamba. I get the logic that that his minutes are guaranteed, but I’m just not sure that’s such a big selling point, especially with all the other factors.


it is good for us if Bamba make his decision sooner than later, so that we can going after a strong group of graduate transfers.


Especially when you look at a kid like Zach Collins at Gonzaga who averaged less than 20 mpg on a team that went to Championship Game and still is projected as a 1-and-Done First Round pick in this year’s draft.

Just pointing out, if Bamba’s goal is the NBA, there are 1-and-Done routes there on strong teams w/o guaranteed 30+ minutes.



He doesn’t really make much sense, I’ll go ahead and say it.

He gives quotes saying players leaving or staying don’t impact him. Then he has a quote that says “Just thinking. Just waiting it out and seeing what’s best for me.” If players leaving or staying don’t make an impact on his decision, there’s really nothing else to think about anymore.


I think he enjoys the recruiting experience to be honest with you, he wants people to speculate for as long as possible.


I think the players’ decisions do impact him… we shall see.


Hmmm…Jordan brand Jump-Man could it be a sign?