2017 - C - Mo Bamba (Offer)

I think you are right (hence my semi-sarc tag) although it seems like the struggles of our non-blueblood rivals (esp. TX) along with Michigan’s high-achieving front court can only help us make our case.

My biggest concern regarding Bamba is whether Calipari can sell him on playing two seven-footers as he has done previously with Towns and Cauley-Stein.


I would obviously love this guy, but last nights game is the reason JB gets the bad reputation for “why would a 5 want to play in the offense”. And if you watched last nights game how could anyone disagree.

If I was a “5” watching last nights game I would think, “well I get to set screen outside the arc, my teammates will chuck up 3’s, and I will be out of position to offensive rebound.”


Bamba isn’t going to be a traditional post though. Where do you see many guys playing old school back to the basket post play? They’re all either catching off the block, face-ups, pick and pops or rolls, transition, etc. If you have creators, they’ll get your bigs easy dunks but that’s not the norm in the college game and definitely not the norm in the NBA.

It probably means nothing but he posted a go Blue! Picture of Harbaugh earlier. I still have faith we can get this kid.

At least he mentioned us. I’m not overly confident but I know nothing about his recruitment, just that we don’t close well.

Wonder why

I’ll take Michigan. Jerry Meyer can have the field.

Why do you keep saying this? Just being positive/ willing it into existence? Honestly duke sounds right but why compete with all those all blue chips, we could provide big minutes on a very good team that he can interplay with Wagner and Wilson/ teske. Honestly I’d like to see teske red shirt if bamba cones. Why not?

Definstly livers. Even without bamba I’m circling next year as our best team since elite eight. I really have faith in the

X Brooks
Maar Watson poole
Mathews Duncan
Wilson livers
Wagner teske

Put donnnal in there maybe? Or better yet a graduate transfer pg makes way more sense. Possibly to even start. No knock on x but it’s hit far fetched for a spike like trAnsfer to come in and win that Job/ play big minutes. I’m convinced that roster bamba or not is going to be elite defensively. Wagner being featured as a jr in a trio with maar and Mathews. Running the floor. A very different belein team . I’m excited.

I would love to know if CoryR had legit info on this one. Really hoping so.

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JB may not inundate kids with constant texts and communiques, but when it comes to live evaluations he’s out hitting the bushes just as hard as any other high major head man.

Saw 33 new comments cuz you merged the topics and thought we got a commit for 5 seconds…happiest 5 seconds of my day



Alfred Hollins is a guy who has mentioned us recently was on the other team, also hope we look at the Forrester kid form Bamba’s team as a 4 in the 18 class.

6 points and 5 rebounds in 32 minutes…?

Yeah Bamba isn’t an offensive force at all besides put backs and dump offs, in this game a real focus was stoping Ayton who is the number 1 player in the country. Could see Bamba staying a couple of years wherever he goes due to his skill level, Nerlens Noel would be a good comparison.

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He’s raw. Noel is a great comparison.