2017 - C - Mo Bamba (Offer)

That article definitely makes Duke sound like the team to beat.


I think that’s the case for any top 25 player who cares about academics

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Here’s the ESPN update

And some other recruiting notes

On Texas: “The family loved it. It’s a very big university. I think we were able to, in 48 hours, see how I would look as a potential student-athlete there.”

On Michigan: “That was my first official visit, so that kind of set the tone. Obviously Michigan is probably one of the greatest universities in the world and it’s set to such a high standard, as far as academically and athletically. They do things the right way.”

According to multiple sources is the Wolverines and Longhorns have the edge in his recruitment, and John Beilein and Shaka Smart were both at his game on Sunday at City of Palms.

College coaches involved in his recruitment don’t think the leaders are set in stone, though.

“Speculate anything on Mo and you might be right,” one coach said.

Like Duval, it’s been difficult to get concrete info on Bamba’s recruitment – because he simply doesn’t talk to many people about it.

“He likes to keep to himself,” a source close to Bamba said.

One thing Bamba and Duval have in common is some of the questions surrounding whether they’re indeed college-bound. It hasn’t been a secret for Duval, given his time at API and potential NCAA issues. He insists he’s definitely going to college, though. The whispers around Bamba began only recently, but it does appear there’s a slight chance he doesn’t play in college next season.

I obviously agree with the sources. Michigan leads.


Dude your killing me. Will you please private message me what you know And how? I promise I will not repeat it

Or are you just completely full of if? I believe you kinda cause your so confident and it does make sense. I think duke is really our main competition. I don’t believe in Texas or Kentucky on this one. Coach k or Michigan. I’m praying their bigs stay or are forced to stay cause of injury or a bad year. Bambas game and particularly his d makes us top ten easy. Top five probably. National champs baby . Placing the futures bet in the first five minutes of it happening.

End hopeful rant.

Patience. Let the process play out.


Lol @CoryR is a legend

Yes, what Cory is doing is legendary. The composure is Grade A.

Is it just me, or does Bamba’s scouting report/prep video seem more Joel Embiid or Skal Labissiere than Anthony Davis or Jahlil Okafor? All 4 stud post recruits. All 4 made instant impact on their college teams, but just in different ways.

I think Embiid is the best comparison overall. I think Bamba is more skilled than Embiid, though. Watch this clip:

There are a handful of very savvy basketball plays there that I believe separate HS Embiid and HS Bamba. Specifically, the plays at 2:44 and 3:10. Those plays are the difference between someone who has played basketball his whole life (Bamba) and someone who started playing basketball at age 15 (Embiid).

MG. Like that lyric, too.

I admittedly have never watched Bamba play for a full game, but everything I’ve seen indicates that he doesn’t have near the offensive skill that Embiid had. Closer to Skal and Noel than Embiid, and that’s what his EYBL numbers seem to indicate. Raw athlete with absurd length (I think he’d have the 2nd largest wingspan in the NBA?). Expectations for him should be as a garbage man/rim protector.

More skilled than Embiid? That seems like a real stretch. We’ll see.

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If we compare high school Bamba to High school Embiid then it seems to me that Embiid was more skilled with low post moves. Bamba has better ball handling and court vision. Bamba is a better outside shooter than high school Embiid too, I think.

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Looks really fluid to me in that video, given his age and size. I’m partial to the play at the 3:14 mark.

Better ball handler, passer, and shooter than Embiid.

Yes more skilled than Embiid.

Embiid was REALLY raw in high school. Bamba is much more refined at this stage.

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