2017 - C - Mo Bamba (Offer)

I agree with what you are saying about Donall, but this is also why I never understood them offering Davis. He will essentially be on the roster for two years while offering almost no value if Donnal stays.

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Did he attend either Michigan game at MSG?


The way Donell is playing and the experience he has with Belien’s offense and now with Donlon’s defense, it would be hard to watch him take his 5th year somewhere else. I would say do everything to keep him unless you get a commitment from Bamba. Not a great balance with the scholarships but post experience is so important.

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This could be shaping up as another Spike situation. Valuable 5th year senior available, but younger guys with higher ceilings needing to see the floor.

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They offered Davis way before Donnal blew up. Back then, many fans were pretty down on Donnal and Doyle.


Don’t disagree completely, but I think it was much more critical to the program’s future to have minutes for X this season…I don’t think Davis’ minutes will be a large factor in the Donnal decision.

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In addition to Champions’s point, that’s sometimes the way it is with bigs. Another way to think about it – if Donnal, gets a fifth, we’d have a guy on his 4th year of eligibility (Donnal), 3rd year (Wagner), (2nd year Teske), and 1st year (Davis). That’s a lot of roster spots for 1 position, but that still leaves 9 slots for 1-4, where there also tends to be more flexibility.

The thing with Davis that I thought was less than ideal was that his commitment in combination with JB not accepting “overcommittments” and wanting to absolutely take a PG in that class and Battle’s commitment/decommitment seemed to cost us a legitimate shot at Langford. We’ll have to track him versus Ibi to see down the line how that all shakes out. On the other hand, it’s hard to know how all the dominoes fall if things are different.

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A great situation to be in if it is indeed a Bamba vs Donnal and there are no worse scenarios to consider. I’d just hope we don’t go after another fringe guy instead of Donnal b/c he is playing with a lot of confidence and having a guy like him on next year’s team w/o ZI/DW would have a lot of value especially if he grows into a vocal leader. We have had so few contributing big men, i’m fine with keeping that many spots if they all compliment each other and give us a good pipeline where that position is no longer a position if weakness.

Seems like the 4y tenure strategy that JB was probably trying to initiate earlier in the decade and being surprised by his early attrition is finally coming together.

Didn’t see Bamba at MSG and I was sitting in the general area he was sitting in for the Champions Classic on Tuesday. Maybe too many late night games on school nights for one week, but glad he got to see Texas look horrible against a smart, well coached team. Hoping we can deal them another blow in a couple weeks.


That’s another signing that should help us out.

Yeah, Bamba’s recruitment is forcing me to be happy about Duke and Kentucky getting five stars, which is bleh.

Duke and Kentucky have their centers now. Can’t imagine him wanting to go to a very poor Texas team either.

I’m still mystified as to what in the heck Shaka Smart knows about coaching offense in the half court. Brutal at every level.

Soooooo. I just learned that Bamba’s 92 inch wingspan would be the 2nd largest in the NBA (Rudy Gobert #1). Holy shit, lol.

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What is the counter to saying that Carter and Bamba could play together? Not my view, but have just heard this covered both ways.

They went a combined 3/16 from 3 in AAU play this year. So that’s probably the counter, lol.

Apparently there are rumors that Bamba doesn’t want to play with Carter? So that would be good for us.

Haven’t heard those rumors but wow that’s great news. Reliable sources?

Nah, I have no idea where it’s coming from. Just seen it on a message board/reddit.

Holy Cross beat Harvard soundly, so that definitely helps us.

/not sure whether I mean this sarcastically

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I think a lot of you guys are overrating how much game-by-game results on the court matter in a kid’s recruiting decision. They aren’t loading up KenPom every day and seeing where teams are ranked.

They are looking at the roster, examining their relationship with the coaches, thinking about what they can get out of different situations.