2017-18 Schedule


Damn, that’s savage.


Wish they would have scheduled at least one at Little Caesar’s Arena over the next couple years.


Hope they lose all of them. :blush:


It was definitely Maizen… sigh. It’s sooooooooooo ignorant.


We play UofD there this season.


Pretty sure he meant for the Big Ten Tournament rotation.


Shaka and offensive schemes. :joy:


Sounds like 20 games next year:


Hallelujah. Now get protected rivalries going, kick out Rutgers, and I’ll be somewhat content with the state of the Big Ten schedule.



Minnesota’s Eric Curry out for the season with a torn ACL. Huge loss for them. Very unfortunate injury.


Yeah, he was going to be big for them. Tough loss.



Wolverheel or anyone have advice on how to get reasonably priced tickets to Michigan at UNC?


Reasonably priced tickets are going to be an issue when compared to Michigan games (The lowest price for good ACC games is usually around $400-$500). A good price for tickets at the higher part of the upper deck will be about $200 for an unranked team.

Right now stub hub has a couple decent ones under $200. I’d expect things to get pretty high given that Michigan is quite literally our only decent non-conference game this year. Lower bowl seats not behind the baskets will be $1,000-$2,000. https://www.stubhub.com/north-carolina-tar-heels-basketball-tickets-north-carolina-tar-heels-basketball-chapel-hill-dean-smith-center-11-29-2017/event/103119266/?sort=price+asc

Of course the performance up to that time could change things. UNC has no center and could go downhill fast compared to expectations. In short, $200 might not seem reasonably priced but I wouldn’t be too confident on it getting better. If you’re confident you want to go I’d at least consider jumping on those $175 ones in section 211, they’re pretty good seats.


Thanks for the detailed response, I really appreciate it!


No problem! If you decide to go and have any questions about stuff to do / places to go in CH then feel free to hit me up.


The Toledo scrimmage is October 29th, per Jeff Goodman on Twitter.


Condolences to @wolverheel, but this would put Berry back just in time for Michigan’s game there depending on his recovery.


I’d have to figure that this will affect his shooting pretty hard after his return. A non-shooting Berry led UNC team would be a very good matchup for Michigan imo.