2017-18 Schedule


An injured Berry returning against Michigan would virtually guarantee him the greatest shooting night of his life. That’s how this works.



I’d like to mock him, but who hasn’t smacked a wall or door a couple times and been glad later that the damage wasn’t worse…


I told my roommate there was a 99% chance this was a dumb injury. NBA 2K changes a man.


If you’re gonna punch a wall, you better be made of stronger stuff (or at least have the smarts/luck to not punch a stud in the wall). The whole clip is great, of course, but go to 5:18 for Zack Novak’s wall story.


Wow, what an on-topic find – and a great recent nostalgia watch.


I really hope Zack Novak joins our staff in some form at some point.


Novak is probably more likely to fund the next PDC than join the staff…


His LinkedIn lists him as the founder of the Zack Novak Dexter Shooting Academy so he definitely still has some interest there but yeah, he appears to be doing quite well regardless, as Ross grads tend to do.