2017-18 Schedule



In Maui that week for my honeymoon and the wife has given me permission to go… so I’m going to try to make it happen :slight_smile: I assume that first game.


LSU adding to the roster a bit here…

Southern Utah transfer Randy Onwuasor and potentially WKU transfer Mitchell Robisnon

Robinson would have to try to get a waiver to play this year… No clue on the odds that it would be approved.



If anybody is going to Maui like me, tix are now on sale:

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Conference schedule is also out


@ UNC, vs. Indiana, @ OSU, vs. UCLA, @ Texas all in 11 days… woof


I’m actually thinking it’ll be an off year for all those teams lol. Ohio State has like 8 players and UCLA shouldn’t be close to
last year. Not sure about Indiana but UNC has very little post play right now.

Edit: Texas should be improved from last year.


Great chance to start the conference schedule 2-0. We’ll be getting Indiana and Ohio State while they’re still going through growing pains and before their new coaches have had a chance to get their teams to gel.


Some dude on the mgoboard (Remind me never to talk basketball on there again) is trying to diss Beilein’s recruiting, and while looking at the rankings I found this to be interesting:

Current UNC Roster Makeup:
One 5 star (Senior with little chance of making the NBA)
Six 4 stars
Five 3 stars

Current Michigan Roster Makeup:
Five 4 stars
Five 3 stars
Two transfers (Robinson and Simmons) who are outplaying their unranked status over their careers.

Not only that, but the four stars are ranked fairly similarly (87 on the composite for Michigan and 66 for UNC) and the 5 star outlier just got done with a 6 ppg junior year.

I think people unhappy with the players that Beilein brings in need to look at schools that aren’t Duke, Kentucky, and Arizona and realize that it’s pretty damn rare for schools to be in the top 10 of the team rankings more than once every 4 or so years, and many of the ones who are have been caught or are suspected of recruiting violations.


I’m guessing it’s Maizen? There’s not a lot of technical basketball knowledge among MGobloggers, so it can definitely get frustrating going through comments there.


93 Grad is bad too. He posts here too though


Do we have any idea when game times are generally announced?


When the TV designations come out, typically. Release just says “at a later date”.


Do you know if the week off before the NCAA tourney is just a one year thing or are we playing the B1G tourney at MSG for multiple years?


Just this year for the BTT. 2019 and 2021 in Chicago and 2020 and 2022 in Indy.


As a Michigan basketball and football season ticket holder, it really disappoints me that UM Basketball scheduled a home game on the same day as the Big Ten Championship. Should be teams like Maryland, Rutgers, Indiana, Northwestern playing games that day since they have no shot at a trip to Indy. I guess I’ll be getting rid of my basketball tickets if UM football has a good year.


Michigan didn’t schedule the game, the Big Ten did. And if the game is played early on Saturday (i.e., in the noon eastern slot), it might be very possible to get to Indy in time for a “double header.”


Yea, I just saw the schedule this morning and was a bit upset. I don’t want to miss either game, but a BT Championship game in Indy would take precedence. Pretty ridiculous scheduling if you ask me.


I don’t understand why people are upset basketball didn’t schedule around a football game we’ve never been to before?