2017-18 Schedule


Here are the rumored and confirmed dates/opponents.

It’s going to be messy with the Thurs/Sat and Fri/Sun games around the Big Ten Football Championship in early December.

The State of UM Basketball


From the Mlive article:

“I’ve even thought about scrimmaging another Big Ten team,” he said. “My thought the other day was we may have an open scrimmage between our own team, but invite the public and make it a real thing, a 40-minute game and do autographs.”

This would be hilarious. I don’t think playing another game that week makes a ton of sense because of seeding and things like that, but a really interesting problem.

I’d love to see the reaction if two Big Ten teams had a scrimmage while all of the TV nets were airing all the other conference championships that week.


Having something informal like the open scrimmage would be good to engage the fans prior to selection sunday (esp if there is a dead week).

Any idea when the B1G/ACC matchups come out? I think it has been by 5/15 every year I remember.


Usually mid to late May for the Big Ten-ACC, I think the Gavitt Games came out early May last year. Beilein notes that ‘multiple networks being involved’ has slowed things down.


Add Southern Miss



325 on kenpom last year and they lose their highest usage starter. Should be a good game to get the young guys some time.


Full slate has been announced


Missed this in the release… home/away/double for Big Ten:

Home & Away: Iowa, Maryland, Northwestern, Ohio State and Purdue.
Home Only: Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Rutgers
Away Only: Michigan State, Nebraska, Penn State and Wisconsin.


Why can’t the Big 10 add protected rivalries to the schedule? Would be nice to play MSU twice a season. Kind of stinks only playing them once on the road.


We got a bit screwed here IMO. I was pretty sure that Rutgers was a home and away because we’ve played them only once the last two years–instead, we got Iowa, Purdue and Maryland, each of which we played we played twice in '15-'16.


I’m not sure that missing a trip to Rutgers is such a bad thing – they’ll still probably be pretty bad but played a lot of teams (including UM) tough at home. Not getting MSU or Wiscy at home is tough though because those are probably chances at quality wins. Overall it does seem like a tough schedule.

They’ve talked about protected rivalries, including UM-MSU, in combination with a 20-game conference season.


Yeah, hard to figure out exactly what is going on. I believe a “new cycle” was supposed to start this year, whatever that means. All of Michigan’s 2x plays this year were 1x plays last year, just didn’t get Rutgers as a 2x. That’s basically like starting a half game back in the conference standings in terms of the Big Ten title race, but also probably a boost for the RPI (although you’d rather just have the road game).


If you swapped our home only’s with our away only’s I would be ecstatic with the schedule. Loss at Breslin and loss at Kohl makes going .500 in the Maryland, NW, Purdue double headers the key to the schedule IMO



Full bracket


Looks like we fished our wish here Dylan. No weak chaminade round one and no strong whichita state on our side of the bracket. :smiley:


Have to beat LSU, otherwise you are stuck with Chaminade in R2 (and lost to LSU).


Have to like our chances against a (I’m assuming) still-weak LSU team, which sets us up for a revenge game against ND. Glad we missed WSU.

Anybody going?


Monday night 11:30 pm EST tip.