2017-18 Bracketology


I don’t think Vitale is very smart, but I appreciate his insane love of college basketball.


Meh, he was cool when I was 10. Then I realized he doesn’t know anything, he’s just loud. Raftery loves college ball just as much but is much more entertaining and insightful. Glad he actually does the games.


Honestly my only take is that UNC is incredibly inconsistent and Michigan isn’t, but UNC has a higher ceiling when Berry, Pinson, and Maye are on. Both teams are so different from last time with Simpson taking control of UM’s PG spot and Pinson moving to PG for UNC. I will say I like the matchup for Michigan more than Duke and would go into the game expecting Michigan to win as of now.


Has Bilas ever gotten over the fact that we fired Amaker? He’s been like a jealous ex-lover towards Michigan.


I’m biased towards Vitale as I met him at the 2009 championship game at Detroit and he bought the people in line for food their stuff by throwing like 10 $20’s on the counter and telling the worker to keep the change. Met him again at the UNC-Mich game this year. Not a good analyst, but I can’t dislike him as he’s too nice :slight_smile:


Nice man, clearly, but he’s done damage with some of his asinine statements and the things he so readily approves of. My HS coach (the Dean Smith pal) haaaaaaaaated Vitale.


Man do I hope we can get past our first three games, Xavier is such an enticing 1 seed to face.


I’ll say this… if you really really really want Michigan to win, at $800, I’m a bargain.

Get me 10-15 rows off the court, and I’m a one man home court advantage.

May I quote a satisfied customer?

The two neutrals a few rows ahead of me at the Iowa game: “The loudest fan voice we’ve ever heard. Not even close. Awesome…”


My college roommate (and close high school friend) lives with my high school best friend (who went to Xavier) in Ann Arbor. Also have another high school friend (roomed with my best friend), who went to Xavier and now lives in LA.

So I’m trying to get the two of them agree to a trip to LA. Need some revenge after taking that L in Crisler…


If Duke, Kansas and Michigan State all make the Sweet 16 the price of tickets in Omaha is going to be insane.


If we get to LA, the chances I make an appearance are pretty damn high.

Could get my UM friend in Seattle to join.


Well Vitale, Bilas, Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams likes Michigan to make the elite 8. Greenberg and Bilas has Michigan to final four.

All four think it’s Michigan vs Gonzaga in the elite 8.


LMAO, Vitale and Jay Williams both have sparty in the final game.

Seth Greenberg, too. 2 of 3 have them winning it all.



HALOL, now with Bilas, 4 of 4 have them in the final, 3 of 4 have them winning it all. Unbelievable.

They don’t freaking understand what’s wrong with that team. There are significant things wrong with that team. They just don’t get it.


Which 1-4 seeds do you guys have on upset alert in rounds 1&2?

I’m having trouble seeing any of the 1-3 seeds not getting to the Sweet 16. Tennessee I could see losing. Providence is no joke, so maybe they could beat UNC. Maybe Syracuse advances to play MSU and their zone gives them fits?


Well, it’s an even-numbered year, so MSU has to be the favorite to win it all, just like in 2014 and '16…


Surprised that everyone had Gonzaga beating Xavier. I think Xavier is a very good team. Think Zags beating them is absolutely possible, just surprised to see it as consensus.


Andy Katz has Michigan making it to the championship. Yes, it’s Andy Katz but he was on the Michigan bandwagon before any other media folks.


LOL, I got Andy Katz’ attention at the BTT and thanked him for the props. He was amused.


Haha I’m telling ya though, he had Michigan pegged earlier than everyone. They were higher up in his rankings for a while.