2017-18 Bracketology


Man, back in my twenties, they kind of did, lol!

Back when I traded options, I’d roll out of bed at 10, click a mouse, make 8k and go back to bed. The salad days!

Looking at all flights, last minute flights are just pricy as hell, unless they’re major city to major city.


The way ESPN treats known shysters like Cal and Coach K with kiddy gloves is so nauseating.


It kind of is funny, but this “I was in the car” stuff is deeply revealing about Cal. That’s lips are moving level of lying.


Texas very lucky to be in. Selfishly was curious if they didn’t make it if Bamba would realize what a horrifically dumb mistake he made. He looked so unhappy during their last game in the Big 12 tourney. Maybe he loved Austin. Maybe he hates being cold. When I watch him play, I don’t think Shaka has taught him a damn thing.


Cal acts like Kentucky is a massive underdog every year because they’re young. Wish one of these “analysts” would tell him that he doesn’t have to recruit the way he does.


How about every single damn one of his interviews about how young his team every year? Are you f’ing kidding with the same BS comments?

You recruit 1-and-dones, you don’t get the right to talk about how young and inexperienced these guys are as an excuse. Would be nice if SOMEONE, ANYONE ever called him out on that.


I wonder if Miles Bridges and Mo Bamba thought they would be struggling to make the tournament while Michigan is the hottest team in the country?


Haha literally posted at the same time


Vitale was trying to sell Gilgeous-Alexander as some kind of scrappy underdog who forced himself into the lineup. He’s a top 30 recruit! Vitale is another complete shyster.


I’ve got Virgina, Michigan, WVU, and Duke in the final 4. How bout you guys?


Everyone get plenty of coffee Thursday, we’ve got a LATE one:


Virginia, Villanova, Duke and I’m really struggling with our region because I think the top 3 seeds are very even. Leaning toward UNC but I think it’s real close between us, them and Xavier


Virginia, Gonzaga, Florida, Kansas


It’s Wichita, not Seattle. Why so late? Screw this bracket lol


Haha yeah I’m surprised too. That’s late.


Yowsers. So 950 tip at the earliest. Gonna be a tough morning Friday.


On the brightside I assume they’ll have a later tip Saturday which is nice (should they obviously win)


It’s hard to be disappointed with this bracket. I’m incredibly glad they avoided an early match-up against Duke…and don’t have to play UNC anywhere near NC. The path’s there, and the kids seem capable of making something of it.


Bilas thinks our weakness is the glass. After he extolled MSU all show on their rebounding. Dude doesn’t know anything about us.


If we were to get to UNC…we’re 3-1 this year against teams we have already lost to. A week full of “revenge” takes plus JB with 5 or 6 days to prepare. In Los Angeles so both fan bases will have to travel. Stylistically, the way we are currently playing we’re closer to Virginia than most other teams UNC has played and UNC is 0-2 against them. @wolverheel I’d be really curious for your thoughts on who would have the upper hand at this point but man I really really like this draw