2017-18 Bracketology


Ace at mgoblog says they play with two bigs


I don’t think they deserved to be in, but… I really feel for Bonzi, who just found out he would have been in if URI could have handled their business. That’s got to hurt. I feel bad for him.


OSU opens as a 7.5 point favorite


They’re not very big. Played a fair amount of zone.


They sure have the time for this. They could have wrapped it up in an hour, complete with Ernie Johnson in the stands mooching for some kids’ Pizza Hut.


Good. You won’t beat us with two bigs.


Looking at KenPom at the 4 position, they play

43% of their minutes with two bigs
40% with a spot up shooting forward (only shoots 34% from 3 tho)
15% with a guard who can’t shoot


Sounds like they rely on forcing turnovers on D too, which yes please against Michigan. That won’t happen.

I’m coming around on the draw.



MSU opens as a 14 point favorite over Bucknell


Bilas going on and on about sparty, I seriously feel like he doesn’t understand their season and what they showed or didn’t show.

As to Montana, I want to see full games. Highlights are useless for prospects and potential opponents!


Their conference championship game is available for replay on the WatchESPN app.


Very cool. I may need to check that out before bed.


I’m looking forward to an analysis of what sources/stats/metrics the committee favored in seeding this year.


I’m still selfishly bummed about the Wichita location. Such a hard place to get to.

Ugh, that’s an 800 bucks plane ticket - Pittsburgh would have been a bus ride or a train ticket : (


800? Find a bigger city close by and drive in. Tickets to Europe are less than that lol


Is Wichita close to KC? Gotta look this up.

It’s not close to anything. Stupid committee.


Oklahoma City is about 2:45, Kansas City about 3 hrs. If tickets are 500 less or something it would definitely be worth it


Calipari: “I was driving in my car and my phone started blowing up with texts…”

Why is Coach Cal always in his car when something like this is announced? How is that believable?

Seems like a guy who just lies for the hell of it.


Bags of money don’t deliver themselves.

(Couldn’t help myself.)