2017-18 Bracketology


The Dutcher vs. UM stuff would be ca-razy.


There is no point in complaining about Montana. If lose to them it’s our own damn fault.


I mean there’s no point in having any discussion here with that logic. No harm whatsoever in saying “dang, we could’ve gotten a better draw.”


If they play SDSU, Moe will need to bring it. Pope can guard him. Would have to be a game for MAAR to get points and hit some threes. We’re too disciplined for them though, they’ll throw away possessions.


KenPom isn’t the end all. Watching both teams play this week I think SDSU would beat Montana handily.


It’s a 14 seed that hasn’t beaten a top 100 team in half a decade

It seems silly to parse the distinction that far down the seed line.


It seems silly to say we shouldn’t analyze our opponents compared to other teams’ opponents on a basketball forum.


I don’t think so - PU is in Detroit and would face Butler or Ark, then the East regional against probably TTech or Fla and then Nova. Seems like an excellent draw to make the E8.


I’m not doing this again with you, man. Have a good night screaming at the void.


In terms of RPI, So Dakota St is 37 and Montana 76. I know RPI has lots of flaws but that’s a huge gap.


Where’s that East Regional?

Texas Tech is really good, imo.


Yeah, we’ll have to see. I’ll be doing some heavy Montana research tonight.


Boston. Yeah, TTech is tough but they’re the lowest kenpom 3 seed.



Good attitude.


We opened as a 12 point favorite over Montana FYI


Where did OSU/SDSU open?


How many shooters did Montana usually have out there on the court when you watched? @CoryR Also 2 bigs or 1?


We just beat Michigan State and Purdue in back to back days. I think we’re gonna beat Montana.


Just think that’s a really hard team to play. Obviously any 3 will be good. I was impressed with TT, though.