2017-18 Bracketology


Houston is good, but not sure I would rather face another 6 seed like Miami or Florida who are proven in better conferences. TCU however, I would like that draw more.


You gotta play someone…better than an 8-9 draw? Michigan just won the B1G…they need to win the first two games!


No 14 seed is “good” but you’d rather get the worst of the 14s


TBS with static in the damn studio, pathetic.

Guys, I will say this - only a gofundme could get me to Wichita. I just don’t have the flexible coin to drop on a flight for $800 at the moment. But if you guys want the volume machine there, lol


Eh, I’m not too worried about them. Just shake off the rust and we should be OK. I wouldn’t mind Houston getting knocked off though.


Just listen to the Iowa tourney telecast and if you can hear someone screaming “D 'em up!” that would be me



Oh wow. Tourney head muppet didn’t even answer the Syracuse question!

So corrupt.


Anyone know when they announce times?


Yea…the Syracuse draw is bogus. That’s all about ESPN/CBS conflict of interest IMO! Most of the commentator’s executives are a Syracuse lean! So sick of the Popularity contest…not deserving of a spot!


Catching Bucknell for sparty… it’s a loooooooong shot, but you never know!


It’s always a couple hours after the Selection Show.


Kinda screwed on the first weekend - best 14 seed (by far), best 6 seed - but I’ll take that potential second week easily - NC and Xavier in LA.

Love Purdue’s draw.


They get Duke…


MSU also gets Kansas in Omaha, which will probably be close to a home game for KU. UM’s potential second week draw is much better.


Trae Young shooting against that Duke zone in the 2nd round could be fun.


I’d honestly swap draws with Gonzaga

OSU in round 2, Xavier in S16


Does Purdue if they advance end up playing a lower seed who gets a near home game? I thought I saw that?


I’ve watched a few Houston games this year. They’re rather small as a team, kind of like Illinois. I’m not exactly worried about them and wouldn’t be shocked if San Diego state won that game.


Ohio State as a 5 seed gets a team 4 spots worse than montana on kenpom.


Seriously can’t wait for Oklahoma to lose so I don’t need to hear about a kid shooting under 40% from the floor again.