2017-18 Bracketology


I’m not enthralled with how this all turned out.


Well, it’s not the worst draw but MSU going to Detroit over us is such bullcrap.


Ugh, I don’t think there’s any way I can justify going to Wichita. Bummer.


Wichita is pretty far from any of our fanbases, right?

I tell you, that damn committee


Montana was 0-4 against KenPom top 100 teams.


Don’t relish playing Houston


So what bring Houston…the also have to play us!


If Sampson beats Beilein, abolish the NCAA


Houston or SDSU is no joke. That’s a tough draw, probably toughest 6 seed.

SDSU we should beat due to our disciplined play but they’ve got some athletes and Pope can hang with Wagner. That’d be a game to win with defense and easy transition offense.


You mean Montana?


Guys, we have to get by Montana first!

Ugh, so bummed, was hoping we’d end up in Pittsburgh - I, along with all my NYC brethren could have made it there by car.


I’ll take our region over 2 games in Detroit with Duke and Kansas looming.

Yeah Houston is dangerous but those are 2 games we should win without much trouble if we play well. Then a sweet 16 giving JB five days to prepare for a team we already played and want revenge against…I’ll take it 10 times out of 10.


Meh if they lose to Montana then that’s a choke to end the year.


Glad we have Z to try and lock up Gray


Just don’t get the talk we got a good draw. I hate those 14 and 6/11 matchups


What day do we play again?

I was so hyped up I forgot to look!


Thursday I believe


What’s the issue with Montana? They haven’t beaten anyone this year.


Best 14 seed according to kenpom


I watched Montana play this week. They are not that good.