2017-18 Bracketology


I think we’d have a decent turn out in Dallas. The alumni network here in Texas is adequate and selfishly I wouldn’t mind the short drive from Houston to see Michigan play :wink:

But, seeing UH or Texas in the second round would be a tough draw–less so with Houston…despite the proximity they have a shockingly small fan base.


I don’t remember many Michigan fans there for the Sweet 16/Elite 8 games back in 2013.


LaPhonso Ellis from ESPN, a studio analyst and in no way speaking in any kind of official manner. Just an ESPN talking head (though a nice guy and not just for a Domer).


Trying to keep it optimistic man, lol. Besides, I wasn’t living in Texas yet, so, I mean–I’ll bring the noise this time.


Davidson steals a bid from a bubble team


Tennessee loses to Kentucky in SEC Champ. Vols were 2 spots ahead of Michigan on the Bracket Matrix S-curve. Can’t imagine the loss has much of an impact on Tenn though, still had a good week.


I mean yes, he’s like the original twitter troll. But I also think he believes that he’s always right.

Bilas is obsessed with sparty because they beat a Tobacco Road team down, but he’s also obsessed with the idea that a team that gets “mis-seeded” really hurts not just them but the opponent. Particularly after the Kentucky-Wichita State year.

Now that was just BS, but sometimes a team is lower seeded than their talent because they simply haven’t accomplished enough during the year. Tough for them, possibly tough for whoever they face, but that falls under “life’s not always fair.”

That’s significantly different from a team not getting their just due from the committee because the committee is biased or doesn’t care about being fair. One is life, the other is wrong.


If we’re down in Dallas, maybe I schedule a trip down to the factory my company works with, which is in Sherman. If I’m at the game, I’m not even kidding, I am the Norse God of Volume. I have the volume of ten LOUD fans, not just ten normal fans. It’s a bizarre gift (I’ve been waiting to watch the Iowa game I have on DVR, I’d be shocked if you can’t hear me on the telecast - human sound cannon).


Selection show on TBS at 6:00pm today.
I did not know this. Thought I’d share in case anybody else was clueless


Dan Dakich live on ESPN 2 right now saying he guarantees Oklahoma gets in just because the network wants ratings and he doesn’t think they deserve it


Sounds exactly like something he would say.


I’m not sure how good Jeff borzello is but he has Michigan as the number 10 team(3 seed) and Michigan State the number 11 team(3 seed). One could wish that’s how it would turn out since a lot of people believe it should be that MSU is behind us. Is our LSU loss the reason people have MSU ahead of us?


With Tennessee’s loss, Torvik’s site has Michigan as the final #2 seed with a Houston win here…he also has MSU as a 4 no matter what, which, no matter of my opinion of what they deserves, seems really unlikely.

But still.


It might be the Northwestern loss (which is annoying, since they had a healthy McIntosh against us, but not MSU).


Yeah the main thing is that MSU’s losses were all quad 1 (Duke, two to us, OSU). We have a Q2 loss (neutral court to LSU) and a Q3 loss (to NW). Q1 losses seem not to really ding a team’s RPI, but 2 and 3 certainly do.


well forget that


At this point, we should cross our fingers for being in a Xiaver and/or Cincinnati region. I’m hoping Houston won’t end up a 6 seed which would be a tough round of 32 game IMO.
But seems unlikely we will avoid Duke or UNC at this point!


Quick - what’s the best way to get your nose in front on good tickets?

I can’t impact a game - players do - but anything within 15 rows of a court and I surely can impact the impact of this or that!


Just get us through the first two rounds and I’d be cool letting just about any region shake out. Most worried about games 1 and - one hopes - two.


I can’t watch this live, what’s known first with the format?