2017-18 Bracketology


This is lame as hell. Announcing the at large’s alphabetically. So much more exciting to look for your name desperately as the brackets get rattled off.


yeah this sucks




This is all about ratings…Syracuse really?


Look on the bright side, at least they didn’t start by announcing the 250 teams alphabetically that didn’t make it…


Nice to see Louisville out. Karma


Such BS. Just ridiculous. Boeheim is dirty and they still give him a free pass every year.


UCLA is in.


Syracuse wasn’t on any of the next 4 out I think on espn and fox’s lists, I think? I’m remembering that right, no?


Arizona St.
St. Bonaventure

Middle Tennessee
Notre Dame
Oklahoma St.
Saint Mary’s


USC out

Syracuse in

is WOW

(also, flat out nuts)

Bummed for MTSU. Probably felt they had to protect sparty.

Saint Mary’s, that’s tough, too.

OSU vs OK is still weird to me.

Baylor can pound sand. They looked meh to me in their tourney and they needed a showing.

Also hate that ASU is in. They played their way out, I don’t care about their wins. At least one of ASU/Cuse will lose in Dayton.


What are those dudes smoking?


5 days later, I can confirm…not a fan


I am ALL about reading the Syracuse hate on twitter. There’s going to be some real highlights there.


South is a FUN bracket. Tough for UVA to catch Arizona. Glad we weren’t in that one.


Unfortunate, but assuming Oklahoma in due to Trae Young’s market value. Feel bad for St Mary’s and MTSU, but had a bad feeling once I saw Syracuse and Oklahoma.


What does this mean so far about where location-wise we will be?

Please not West. No West…


Perdue gets detroit


Wow, Purdue got a real favorable bracket…


Man, I was really hoping to see sparty get stuck with Arizona. That would have been awesome.