2017-18 Bracketology


He must not have gotten enough sleep because of the time change.


Man, the fellation of Arizona right now on Gameday is so annoying. They beat up on a historically bad Pac 12. Woo-hoo!


But the Big Ten is sooososooooo bad this year!!! Lol the Pac 12 is exactly as bad just without any quality teams at the top


For reference, this year’s Pac 12 is the 3rd worst power conference ever recorded on KenPom (i.e. since 2002). They are only better than 2004 Pac 12 and 2012 Pac 12.


I think MSU is very good and will be a tough out in NCAA. JJJ is a superior talent, Bridges is very impressive, Winston is an elite shooter… after that it’s mostly mis-guided perceptions. I hear things such as:
“Langford is a 5* talent” He’s not; he’s a good player.
“Ward is a beast”. He’s not. Even less so being in poor basketball shape.
“Izzo’s most talented team” they’re not.
“JJJ is a great defensive player”. Help defense he’s elite. Man to man he’s not all that good, and Izzo know’s it.

MSU definitely one of the handful of best teams this year, and they have a great record. Sweet 16 seems likely; after that, like most teams they’re in for some nail biters.


Michigan never gets any love on the espn bracketology shows, no matter how hot they are. I honestly dont give an F what these guys say, they really don’t have very intelligent insight.


Seth Greenberg was giving some love. I think he said we should be in discussion for a 2 (we really shouldn’t).


Gotcha, wasn’t watching but just saw the post about what Jay Williams said and was going off what I’ve seen in the past. Wouldn’t be surprised if Williams and Greenberg took opposite views just so they can bicker.


It’s extra stupid because of the unbalanced schedules. Makes you need conference tourney results that much more.

Gotta run out the dog, but I’ll have a paragraph later about a fundamental failure in some of Bilas’ other thinking. Main takeaway is that “life is not always fair” is an acceptable result while “the tournament committee is allowed to be completely subjective and unfair.” Crucial difference, and as a lawyer, Bilas’ thinking should be more precise.


Bilas is on TV to get people talking about him. If you guys are all debating his takes, he’s doing his job well.


The jump to a three seed is just incredible! If you told me 20 days ago we’d be talking about a 3-4 seed I’d think we’re all drinking the home brew! But here we are with another Beilein gem heading into the madness! This is all gravy…UM will be a tough draw for anyone in the first two games! Gotta start fast…lock down D and heat up the three ball…it’s March BABY!!!

GO blue!!


Nah, you can’t compare someone who’s supposed to be an expert analyst to a Skip Bayless.


Here’s what a Selection Show looks like when Michigan is a #3…It only takes 30 minutes too!


Just heard someone on ESPN say they have us as the third number 2 seed behind North Carolina and Duke. Seems a bit off.


That was LaPhonso Ellis


Really… how accurate and in what context?


I’ve seen several brackets now with Houston and Texas being in Dallas and then matching up with us or MSU. Some even have Stephen F Austin there. I know they’re not right in Dallas but I think it’s a shame if you give home court advantage to lower seeds like that. Feels like there should be something against that.


Teams are protected from a home court disadvantage in the first game, not the second. FWIW.


I think I remember your post on that. Seems like it should apply through the first weekend not just first game. So would SFA not be allowed in Dallas then? Or is that considered far enough away to not be a disadvantage?


I think that definitely counts, they are less than a 3 hr drive from Dallas.