2016/17 Commitment Updates


Seriously. Why the hell are people so worried about something that has literally zero evidence to back it up?


Maybe because of the roster and coaching changes things seem a little uncertain these days.


Not to mention that the 10 posts dealing with Wagner have nothing to do with this thread, “2016/17 commitment updates.”


Ibi’s senior year highlights. I know it is only showing his best but still hopeful that he plays some meaningful minutes next year


Whats the deal with Kostas. Did JB ever take him in for an OV? He has so much raw potential he would be a great fit.


I believe he was on an OV to Purdue this weekend


Please God bring him in


Yup, especially if there’s a holdup with Baruti. I mean, we’re already scrambling to fill those spots late, wouldn’t want to end up looking for someone yet another a rung down from Baruti’s level.

I wonder how well Poole knows Kostas (since they’re both in Milwaukee). You’d think a Saddi+Poole double team could overcome some obstacles.


Honestly I know people want the spot for a 17/ grad transfer but getting kostas and Baruti would be the only combo of 16 I can think of where I’d willing to add both.


I would pass on that. One or the other is okay, but they both seem like project players and two more in this class is too many.


Justin Jackson is still out there, just saying. Visiting Oregon. Not sure how he’s ranked 44. He appears much better than that to me.


Hard to believe that Simpson is going to turn 20 years old in Feb. 2017, as a Freshman.

Still have plenty of doubts about him being the “impact” player that many of us are hoping for. Think his offensive game is really going to struggle against bigger physical B1G guards. We’ll see.Check out this article from The Detroit News:

Incoming Michigan freshman Xavier Simpson evokes visions of Trey Burke


I think he could go either way. Certainly some sub-six-foot PGs can do great things, like Tyler Ulis and Kay Felder this past season. The difference being that a guy like Ulis is an elite passer and Felder is an elite athlete (44 inch vert at the NBA combine) whereas Simpson seems to be primarily a crafty scorer, something that will get much tougher at this level. Everyone knows who I wanted for our PG in 2016 so I won’t harp on that. I think he’ll be good, steady, reliable, and tough, but not sure he’ll be better than Walton – I expect it will depend on the talent and athleticism assembled around him, and his own development as a passer.


One interesting fact about Simpson that I haven’t really known where to share. He shot 62% inside of five feet in the EYBL last year. That’s a really good number for a small guard, especially in a highly athletic and physical league like the EYBL.


Simpson will be just fine in the big ten. Not sure his ceiling is as high as a lot of people think. With that being said, I’m happy we have him. We just need to surround him with at least one NBA level wing and he’ll flourish.

If X is playing with similar talent to the past 2 years, he may never hit his ceiling. (Walton had so much promise his freshman year because he was surrounded by elite talent)


Sometimes the small guards are very crafty, have a knack for making plays/finishing going to the rim, e.g. Yogi. X has shown some of that in HS. Remains to be seen if it translates to the college game.


I’m starting to have renewed faith in Ibi. Added a lot of muscle. Appears to have much better handle than originally thought. Great hops/ solid shooter and appears to have nice vision/ passing skills. He seems like the type who could be inconsistent early on. Seems like he has up and down games but when he’s into it he appears to play well against great competition.

Adding baruti sounds like a great idea to me. I think we’d have an underrated class if we add him. Not a ton of star potential per say but I think it’s a solid group with almost all of them looking like they will contribute in the future.

This is why 17 is so important imo. If we could land another four or five star with Poole who can be a future go to starter on our roster then we should have a contending future.


Ibi’s been working his butt off getting ready for the upcoming season.


Interesting comparison. Yogi strikes me as very quick and has flourished in Crean’s relentlessly fast paced offence. I don’t know if X has that kind of speed. I hope so.


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