2016/17 Commitment Updates


His game reminds me of Sherman Douglas - short, kinda stocky, really quick. Except Sherman couldn’t dunk.


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Beeeline just don’t get it!!!


Must be a plethora of outstanding talent this year if Poole is 101. Sheesh.


Are you having reservations about him being the impact player so many of us believe him to be?


Not at all, he’s shown me enough to be confident that he will be an impact player at UM. Where I may have changed my opinion a bit is the timeline in which he will achieve that status. I go back and forth as to whether he’ll be instant impact.


Whoa, the word ‘never’ didn’t come out of my mouth lol. However, I don’t think he’s a #1 guy in college if I’m being blunt, but I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility either. Don’t think Jordan has the handle to break a defense down vs a pressure D in a half court set, and his finishing ability is limited by lack of explosion. Hard to be a #1 guy when your scoring game is limited to catch and shoot 3s and midrange jumpers off the bounce. Ideally, you want your #1 guy to score at all 3 levels AND create for others. Perhaps Jordan can develop into that in time, but I don’t think it’s there as of right now


I don’t know Dylan, even in HS I thought Nik was top 50 material. I always gravitate toward athletic types, but Nik was elite in literally every skill component. I love Poole, but let’s be honest, he ain’t Nik.


Nik improved physically by leaps and bounds in two years at Michigan.


Meant more as the sort of prospect/ranking area that people thought Nik was coming out of HS. I think obviously Nik vastly outperformed his ranking.

But Poole to me projects as a guard with good size and plus playmaking and shooting ability with questions about his athleticism (but also pretty obvious areas where he can improve physically).


Think Jordan has more playmaking/ballhandling ability at the same stage.


I’m getting a Danny Green sort of feel. I’d be plenty happy with that.


LA - if Jordan Poole can be HALF the defender Danny Green is I’d be estatic


Agreed on most points. Once Caris went down though, he had no choice, this roster is void of talent so he was compelled to take on that role by default. I think Zak is a #3 option on a good team, but if he’s your primary option then your team probably isn’t very good.


Maybe. But Tim was a #2 option on a really good team, and aside from perimeter shooting (which never reached 40% in any year at Michigan), what did he do really well? MSU’s #2 last year was…? My view–certainly one with which people can reasonably disagree–is that with a great #1, and especially a great number 1 who could dominate the ball, Zak would look a whole lot better than he does when he has to be #1 and his weaknesses get magnified. For example, he’d be a much better perimeter shooter in that setting, as he was as a freshman.

From my film review, Jordan Poole can/will be a very good #2 player. I agree with you that he needs pros around him to reach his highest potential. He will also benefit from playing alongside Simpson, whose penetration ability will get poole good shots, not force him to chuck some really bad ones as he has been forced to do with Mac Irvin Fire.


Really good points here, can’t say I disagree.


Agreed and we can recite stats from Irvin but I am sure most feel right now from Irvin that less would be more in most circumstances. As you mentioned we may not have that luxury right now. I like Poole as well he seems to lack some explosiveness and I am not sure how he will react when he faces physical guys in the B1G.


Nice read on what Xavier Simpson may bring to UM. http://isportsweb.com/2016/06/02/michigan-basketball-xavier-simpson-brings-wolverines-2/


Well, he was forced into being a playmaker far sooner than anyone had hoped. I don’t think anyone anticipated Nik would leave after two years, and obviously Caris went down early in Zak’s sophomore year. To compound things, Walton was injured as well. I think by the end of 2015, he was playing some pretty good ball, and the stats bear that out.

I think there’s a recency bias here in effect - he was up-and-down, and at times just awful, this past season, and that’s what people are going to remember most vividly.

Right now, it all depends on his back. I think a healthy Irvin is capable of a 16/5/4 line, and shooting maybe .450/.400, which would be great for the team’s prospects. If he’s not healthy, though, that will really hurt us because he’ll still get tons of minutes, and he’ll still take tons of shots.


I kinda agree with albrecht but I don’t blame it fully on Irvin. Others have to step up. I still think he/ we would be best if he was a glue guy of sorts, he obviously needs to help on offense since we’re lacking punching power right now. I like him most when he’s doing a lot of the dirty work. Playing solid undersized post d/ rebounding/ passing then on offense only shooting threes when open/ getting to the rim/ mid range pull ups.

Hopefully Walton can shoot more consistently and score to the rim and on the break/Maar continues to be a focus and continues driving effectively. These two stepping up along with Duncan being the three point assassin we know he can be and Wagner stepping up on offense big time will make Irvin’s job and role much more suited to his game and allow him to carry the loads and help out where we desperately need him.

This leads me back to my thought that I think all five could average double digits and have similar shot attempts and chances in the offense. This I think would be the ideal and most successful scenario for our roster.