2016/17 Commitment Updates

Figure this would be a good place to post updates on commitments on the 2016 signees and Jordan Poole.

Would you guys prefer one big thread or threads for each guy?

I vote one big thread.

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Yeah no need for multiple threads.

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Agree on one thread.

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The people have spoken: one thread it is.

Ibi appears to be turning into quite the player.


He’s got some Terran Petteway in his game. From what I see, he’s a scorer, can pass some, but a scorer first. I will be interested to see how he plays as a senior. I love his game. Probably going to need him next year.

How tall is ibi? I’ve looked on A few sites and they say different things.

Kid looks like his potential is something special put in some weight and that 4 spot won’t look too shabby in a few years.

Did we know that Ibi had that type of athleticism? That baseline tomahawk dunk was flat out filthy. He looks so smooth out there. There’s no doubt in my mind that once again, JB has found another under the radar gem. It’s almost like a broken record now. UM’s backcourt will be in good hands with Simpson, Ibi, and then Poole.

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Hope you are right, I worry about the team next year with the loss of Caris. Multiple people will have to step up, wpuld be great if we can get some run out of Ibi.

I miss the old threads recruiting threads based on position. Probably only need one now as wings will be the focus in 17 to go along with Poole.

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He seems a lot more explosive in the videos this year compared to last year. I have a very good feeling Ibi is going to flourish.

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Would like to see Watson do it against top flight competition before getting so excited. Agree that he looks much more explosive this year. Consistency is the mark of stellar improvement. Im hoping this continues. Need a contributing wing next year with Caris gone.

Ibi was doing daily 5am workouts with my old coach all summer. When I asked him about Ibi, he said the kid has one of the best work ethics he’s ever seen and a desire to get better.

Jalen Tate and a few others would join the work outs on and off but Ibi never missed any.


Please clarify. Who had the great work ethic, Watson, Tate, or both?

Ibi. I corrected it.

Thanks. I’m very high on Ibi, but I’m a glass half full kinda guy.
I think Ibi and Simpson will be early contributors.

You can tell Ibi put in some serious work. The uptick in athleticism was exciting to see.

I sure hope so because at the moment I don’t see anyone on the current roster who can replace what Caris does. Certain guys can do some of those things but not nearly as well. We are going to have a huge void on a team that already doesnt look very good.