2016/17 Commitment Updates


Thanks for the more recent video on Davis. The competition is obviously horrible. I will admit he really has made some surprising improvements. On the other hand, he is not looking that big anymore either. But, I admire the kids improvement. He must have a great work ethic–which is all you can ask! i still think he has a long way to go to be productive in the big 10…


Here’s one issue I have with the notion that he won’t be able to compete in the Big Ten.

The Big Ten is no different from any other conference - elite big men stay one, maybe two years at most. Just look at this year - 3 of the top 4 bigs (Deyonta Davis, Caleb Swanigan, Diamond Stone) are one and done players, and there’s no doubt Thomas Bryant will be a two and done player.

In short, we’re not asking Davis to compete against elite, dominant bigs night in and night out. I see no reason why he couldn’t hold his own with a guy like Gavin Schilling, for example. And that’s especially true after a few years when Davis becomes an upperclassman.

Sure, we would all like to have another Mitch McGary. But simply because Davis is not Mitch McGary doesn’t mean he can’t be successful. Again, if there’s a meaningful difference between him and Mike Peplowski, I haven’t seen it.


Is it about being able to compete in the B1G or is it more about what his role is at Michigan? The reason I bring that up is because he’s coming in with Teske. Teske and Davis don’t look like they can play together. I am not sure you will see Donnal play with Davis because Donnal might be gone by the time Davis is playing big minutes.

We also need to consider Davis for much of his high school career played against opponents that were sometimes 3-4 inches shorter and giving up 30-50 pounds.

Davis won’t be facing Schilling because Schilling is in his final year unless you think Davis is going to get run as a frosh. If that’s the case maybe Davis has to go against Ben Carter their recent 5th year transfer.

Here are a list of bigs in the B1G

Isaac Haas Jr
Derek Pardon So-Northwestern took RS off and averaged 6ppg 4 boards in 16 mpg
Maverick Morgan Sr
Mike Finke Rs-So
Tyler Cook-Fr Iowa top 100 recruit 6’9 240
Derek Funderburke-Fr OSU top 100 recruit 6’9 210
Ethan Happ-Rs Fr, frosh of the year 6’9 235

You already said he won’t go against Bryant but I am not sure I like the idea of him going against guys like Haas, Pardon, Happ etc…

I would say Peplowski played against better competition in high school compared to Davis. Matt Stegeinga, Parrish Hickman, Dwayne Stephens(ironically they all went to MSU), Derrick Coleman, Terry Mills, Anthony Buford and many more while Peplowski was playing high school ball.

Like I said it isn’t as much about who he faces it’s where he fits. If Beilein starts playing 2 bigs I can see but I don’t see Davis playing for a few years at least until Wagner has graduated.


You need at least two centers to rotate, so Davis and Teske can both play for the next four years.


LAW, I think your comment just shows we are way different in our expectations, which is fine. I wish success for all our incoming players. If JB has a few recruiting misses that is cool. No worries! I appreciate any player who tries hard. It sounds like Davis tries hard.


Wagner playing the 4?


That list, to me, is comprised of some really average players. Maverick Morgan? He was downright awful this year. I don’t see a single NBA player on that list, to be honest. I’m also willing to bet that over the next four years, the over/under as far as guys on that list ever scoring 20 points in a game against Michigan is maybe around five.

When you say “top 100 recruit,” that’s what we would have called Mark Donnal three years ago.

I think Davis will play this year, and I think he’s going to be a solid finisher in the pick and roll game during his career. Obviously, we’ll see.


Hasn’t the Davis thing been beaten to death on here? At this point I feel like we’re all going to have to wait until practice starts to find out about him.


Don’t you think there is a good possibility that either Davis or Teske will red shirt this year? With Donnal and Wagner ahead of them, there may not be enough minutes for four guys. Also, there would be advantages in separating those guys in grade.


Yes, I do. I think it will probably be Teske, because he probably needs to put on weight and muscle definition. But really, there are a lot of things that could happen, including Davis redshirting and Teske playing.

With that said, the one thing I worry about (at least a little) is whether Wagner returns. I mean, I know the coaches have said they are not concerned, and he’ll be back in the fall, but I really don’t like the idea of him being in Germany all summer (I mean, obviously, it’s his home country and he has every right to go, it just worries me a little). He’s a big key for us moving forward, IMO.


Where have you heard that Wagner will be in Germany all summer? I’m pretty sure he’s scheduled to be back for the second eight week session with everyone else (other than Walton and Dakich who are already there)?


Now that you bring it up, I have the same worry about Mo not returning, but have been hesitant to mention it for fear of starting a panic. Now you have done it.


Scheduled to be back and actually being back are two different things.


I was in a class with Mo. He played a game of one on one with the teacher for an override in a class next semester. Soooo, he’s planning on coming back. He was definitely homesick though. His flight home left the morning after classes ended (had no finals apparently). He was anxious to visit home.


I thought I had read that? If not, that’s great.


Anybody, not just Mo, could go home and not come back. It’s possible, of course, that Mo could change his mind, but JB was pretty definitive this morning that everyone would be back for the second eight week session.


I think moe is def coming back. I’m sure he sees he could very well be the man down low.He tasted success late. This is a good way to get to the nba. I don’t see him leaving I think he’s going to be key over the next few seasons.


If Moe left I’d panic about our foreseeable future.


I’ve been concerned about Wagner’s return. He seems like an emotional kid and despite his rave reviews about his teammates and Michigan last fall fell into a lull that Beilein said was at least partially due from being away from home so long. There have been so many changes this off season that nothing seems certain.


There is nothing to indicate that he won’t return. But feel free to worry about it.