2016/17 Commitment Updates


Lmao I liked that part.


I understand you don’t care for me, and that is fine. But it literally has come to the point where the only time you post is some 1 off snarky remark in response to me. You have to ask yourself, are you really contributing?


He also thinks Amaker > Beielin, too (lol). Just ignore that stuff- at least in these recruiting threads- because his recruiting info is solid.


Actually, no, I don’t. That being said, a LOT of folks around here were pushing the JB is a top 10 coach narrative, which is probably a bit extreme if we’re being honest. Some people LOATHE the idea that I’m not a huge JB fan, and that’s fine, but lets not pretend as if I’m not at least semi-knowledgeable with respect to evaluations and recruiting.

See, here’s the thing, this is a thread about 16/17 commits and some folks come on this thread for no other reason than to make snarky comments that have no relation to the topic. I have intentionally kept my posts limited to recruiting because that is obviously my area of concern. Let’s just stay on topic gentleman.


Were there any other high profile recruits at the event that Cain took home MVP honors at?


Definitely, let’s take it over to the 17 or 18 recruiting threads


Simpson up to #48 and the #4 overall PG in ESPN’s final 2016 rankings.


Man, does it sting to see Langford with the Spartan Helmet next to his name. The 2016/2017 season would have such a different opening feel, if that commitment had gone the other way.


Is it just me or did Xavier drop six spots?


Well, he was #66 when he committed back in September. I don’t know what he was between then and now.


I thought he was up to 42? I don’t truly remember though.


Yea like the poster above me said he rose to 41 or 42. I wonder why they dropped him back down.


U are correct I believe. Also Winston rose back up it looked like. I’m very interested to see those two battle over the next few years. I like to believe we fell into the better player. X just produces even though he’s not super athletic/ or jaw dropping. I like Xavier’s film but it doesn’t jump out at you. Yet he always wins and puts up numbers. He’s very Stockton like in that manner. Nothing fancy just results.

I think his defense is what excites me the most. I know we’re not in on any right now but if we could somehow land a one and done superstar to the 2017 class that could be a very dangerous team.

X and Maar. Duncan as a senior,moe should be a beast by his junior year. Lots of upperclassmen with nice role players like kam, and dj.then ibi,teske,Jordan ect. If we could just land one elite guy at that three or four position to come in right away this team would be super dangerous in 2017.



Xavier Simpson at 57 in final Scout Top 100


On paper at least, not a strong class considering its importance (with all the recent attrition). Time will tell.


I agree, aside from X. Teske (OSU) and Ibi (Indiana) at least held major offers, from the B1G no less. But I’m not suggesting their were either schools’ first option or anything. Just that JB isn’t the only one who sees the potential. The Davis offer will always confuse me, because of Teske already being on board. But hopefully he and JB will prove all of us wrong.


Davis had some film that I really liked but mattd video freaked me out. Also Davis strength doesn’t match up with coach b system which could be the bigger issue.


Remind you of anybody? A recent transfer perhaps?


Yep I was going to say like Doyle. Although Davis has much better hands and from some videos he appears to have much better foot work/ know how when using his body and better touch. He might not ever get to show it though. I’ve said before I’d like to feed the block more forcwagner who has nice moves as well. Maybe with him and Davis we could get more isos/ touches on the block, to get the most out of both.