2016/17 Commitment Updates




He sure is. Really excited about him.

Signing day can’t get here soon enough.


I think we struck gold with Poole!!!


Some real talent coming in.


He’s very good but I need to see two more top hundred studs coming before infer to excited. I really believe Dawkins would have been a great scorer his senior year, so we’ll need Poole and others to iMacs the scoring big time. I’m not the sky is falling type and I don’t say cryptic things often but I believe 2017 is a very important class. Every class is really, but for the current state of the team we need to add a lot of instant impact fire power in 2017.

I’d really like to hear more about us visiting and talking to young. Seems like we offered him and then no news. Not sure if it’s just a dead period or that this is a bad sign. I really believe like others that we need coach b’s ideal four. I haven’t seen to many better fits for our teAm then young. Especially out of who were eyeing. I really believe that’s a key spot. Kam and dj are our only options once Irvin leaves, who’s out of position anyways. Unless moe moves over. I’d prefer we get young and pair him with moe. That would be the best front court we’d have since Mitch left which isn’t saying much. I trust Kam to develop more then most but young is big.

A class of Poole, Cain, and young would be quite the haul. All three of them will finish much higher then they are now which will make the class look even better. Much like x I expect a huge rise up the rankings. Poole already shot up. I expect young to be top 100 when its over. Really in the 60-75 range based on who’s there now. For instance pArker is 67, if he’s 67 then young is at least at 60. Off the brief films I’ve seen its clear to me young is better although different positions. Cain appears to be better then Stewart, but granted I haven’t seen as much film. He’s clearly longer and much more athletic, where Stewart seems to be a bit craftier and have better hangke. Hard to judge the three call but both appear to hit threes. I’d take Cain based off upside. Hell maybe we will have room for all four, even better.


You think about it, and he’s 7-foot-1 and sometimes played point guard for us, pushing the ball up the floor,” Hassinger said. “He would beat pressure, drive and kick for a kid to hit a three. He dominated the game defensively, changed kids’ shots and changed how people had to play offensively.”

Can’t wait to see Jon in the maize and blue.


I didn’t see Poole dunk in that video. No thanks.


I thought the same but did not want to say it. He shoots like curry damn it! He really does. Haha


Is that a joke that I do not kid. I assume it is but the joke is lost on me.


Now a class of Poole, young, Cain and thorton would be (.)(.)


Could they play a small line up with x maar and Poole? If Poole grows these hypothetical two inches that would be 6 5. Go with your best lineup who cares about height. Or if we’re playing hypotheticals x, thorton, maar. Extra small but three feisty defenders. As a senior maar could be strong enough and scrappy enough to guard threes. Our three would be a tough matchup themselves.

A roster of
X ( thorton )
Thorton (maar, Poole, Ibi)
Maas (Poole,Robinson,Ibi,Cain)
Young (chatman Wilson)

That’s thirteen right? How many can we have on scholarship? Twelve?or is it thirteen? Would we have to drive someone away there?

Either way that roster looks mighty promising! (That would be my ideal if everything went our way) I’d play small contrary to popular decisions and just get my best out there all day. I’d assume after getting his year back which was a poorly managed decision that thorton would have his body more developed and his game more honed in all facets. He’s not dumb, I believe him and x could find a way to live together and be s pain in the ass for big ten teams.


That may be small but probably better defense. I would love to see that happen. Honestly, what are the chances we land young?


I love that Poole’s stroke looks consistent whether he’s moving to his left or to his right (granted, highlight video material so maybe he’s not consistent at both). Looks like a true, old school shooting guard.


He is committed, but not yet signed.


Yes it’s a joke.


I figured just checking. Someone on here did say they were worried about him and his lack of hops when the video was first posted.


Didn’t really know where else to place this, but Quincy Simpson (Xavier’s father) is a great guy. I had a great conversation with him about his kids (King James 16u) and some conversation about X. Coach Q reassured me that X is training hard and is doing everything in his power to be ready to play next year. And after that, he did this

The guy is going to be a college coach in the near future, he’s personable, obviously knows his hoops, and develops his players.


Matt were you formally LABound on Twitter?


Not formally but formerly, still current.


Thank you message board grammar cop!

You guys are asking questions to someone who thinks Steven Alford is an equal to John Beilein as a head basketball coach…Just Fyi. Its truly amazing you’ve lasted this long on this board.

Even Jamal took what you had to say and needed to prove his worth to ya…smh (delete delete)