2016/17 Commitment Updates


Nah, Davis’s strengths match up very well with one major thing UM has asked from its bigs: the PnR. Big body, great hands, good touch, and can also step out and hit the jumper. I’m actually pretty confident in Davis’s ability to succeed offensively at UM.


Not at all.


Have to totally disagree here - Davis isn’t made for the PnR at all IMO, just cannot move at all and lacks explosion. Does have soft hands, but his lack of mobility really mitigates the positives I’m afraid. Davis makes Donnal look agile


Have to agree–had come to think he was a promising get until I saw MattD’s film; placed me back on suicide alert.


Every player in the country has good film and bad film, that’s where the good scouting comes into play.


Agreed, but for some the bad isn’t bad, it’s just downright awful if we’re being blunt.


I wouldn’t say awful but some players are more gifted than others. Baruti is clearly under the radar and maybe beilein has found himself another MAAR or Dawkins. I don’t think this guy is on 247 at all, at least I couldn’t find him.


I think by the time his career is done, Davis will remind us more of McGary than any other Wolverine.


If that happens, than Beilein should go immediately to the hall of fame and have a statue built out in front of Crisler. That would be quite the miracle.


Maybe some Mcgary in there. I expect more of a stronger/faster version of Chris Webber, with a little Jordan Morgan mixed in.


The question was about whether Michigan’s offense plays to Davis’s strengths. We all know MattD hates Davis. In fact, he’s been so adamant that Davis could never possibly succeed at any level of college hoops that he’s staked his credibility on it. But, again, the issue is what offense would suit Davis best. I haven’t seen any helpful comments on what that offense would be. I maintain that Michigan’s offense is a good fit for a guy with Davis’s strengths. Whether or not he ends up being a good college player, we shall see, but Michigan (and it’s offense) will provide him with as good an opportunity as he would be likely to get.


I don’t hate anyone, but the truth is that the kid just has severe limitations that probably won’t allow him to be an impact player that we would all like. Most people other than yourself (and you may be the ONLY person) probably think Davis is at best a mid major guy and certainly not an ideal use of a scholarship at this point based on a multitude of factors. When Hail of all people was venting about the commitment, then you know there is something suspect about it. Ive seen Davis a ton, have you? I’ve seen him struggle consistently, how about you?

And our offense is not suited to Davis AT ALL. The offense best suited for Davis is a post entry isolation system. Any offense that mandates Davis move constantly is not a good fit IMO. I mean, when we get to the point where having decent hands, without much more, equals good fit, the standards have faltered to an all time low.


I’m going Michael Jordan with more range.


He’s a great kid, incredibly smart and extremely likeable.

He has a multitude of limitations at this time that are going to be difficult to improve on to be effective in the B1G.

He’s come A LONG way in the last year and a half, but is still limited in a lot of ways.

If he morphs into a contributing role player I will be very very pleased.


No, I haven’t seen Davis in person, and I’m not making any big proclamations about what he’ll be in college. For the record, though, ESPN, which used to be your favorite ratings site, has him as the 21st best center, and 247 has him as a 4 star (albeit the second to last one and at about 130 overall) and the 17th best center. He was also 2nd in Michigan Mr. Basketball voting. Presumably these people have seen him in person and liked what they say well enough.

And I don’t think isolation post-ups would be his strong suit, because there you need to generate your own shot. Maybe he can develop some moves, an over the shoulder hook, but A PnR or PnPop allow him to generate looks off of action. Big body, good hands, nice finishing touch, able to shoot, smart player, but lacks quickness or explosion – I maintain that a PnR/PnP offense is better for a player of that skill set than just dumping it into the post and telling him to go to work.


I’m seriously wondering what you are looking at - footwork is perhaps the only attribute of his game that is a positive. Therefore, a post ISO system with minimum movement is best suited for him. For our offense we need a Dwight Howard type, set good screens and move well laterally in order to get separation after the screen. Also need someone with verticality to finish over helpside defense - the exact opposite of Davis.

Don’t even get me started on defense.


Someone said he has really good hands.


I like the tenor of this post.


One thing to keep in mind about Davis is that he’s young, won’t be 18 until July. He’s over a year younger than Teske, for example, and TJ Leaf whose birthday I just happened to see, and almost a year younger than Nick Ward. I Imagine his recruiting profile would be a little different if he was entering his senior year in the fall.

Anyway, we shall see how they use him and how he fares.


God I hope you are right but I don’t see it. At all