2016/17 Commitment Updates


Every possession where Davis had significant involvement is reflected. I made sure to include the nice post up move, putback dunk, etc. Unfortunately, the cons seemed to outweigh the pros IMO


Thanks. Agreed not overly encouraging.


I’m going to play a little devil’s advocate here on Davis even though I don’t see him fitting Beilein’s system. He clearly struggles guarding on the perimeter and I don’t expect him to do much of that in college. Obviously teams will run pick and roll and I have to think if Davis and Teske play the 5, UM’s pick and roll coverage will have to change. Have to think that a flat hedge will be used with those two. Most of the defensive “mistakes” weren’t his. It’s not his fault that the guards got blown by each one of those clips.

On offense, post passing was terrible. He is never going to be an explosive athlete. We all know that. If he is able to seal down low and not try to do too much I think he will be alright down the road.

I would hope that he gets to redshirt. I don’t see him being that different than Doyle except Davis clearly has better hands. That’s a huge plus for me. After reading some of Matt’s comments I assumed the film was going to be awful. Davis still has a ways to go (I know everyone wants game ready bigs) but he can definitely be serviceable down the line. When “down the line” is I’m not sure but he has a chance.


Looks like he’s dropped more weight. He’s going to have to build muscle now.


Davis will not be able to contribute a great deal early on. Unless we just need a body to foul. Luckily we have Wagner, who should be a solid starter next year if he puts in the work over the summer. And I know some are down on Donnal, but if he’s just expected to put in 10-15 minutes as a backup, I think that will be fine. If he can consistently hit the jumper, and the stroke is there just not the confidence, that can add something off the bench.

Davis has huge adjustments ahead of him when it comes to going against people that are equal his size and more athletic. He never has to play anyone close to his size outside of AAU ball. He has gotta learn to use his body well on offense and learn how to defend equal bigs. This will take a couple years. But again, with Donnal and Wagner ahead of him, hopefully he won’t be asked to do anything until his RS Junior year. In which case he might be ready to be a contributor.

It doesn’t really make me question the offer any less but it also doesn’t make me panic about it either.


Matt, when was this taken? He is obviously pretty flat-footed and not a shot-blocker, but when he gets beat on defense, it’s usually on a switch and against a smaller, quicker defender. I’m not saying he’s great, but he’s not bad either. Going to have to work on his footwork on defense, use what strength he has to an advantage. I wouldn’t feel any worse with him in there for 5 minutes a game than Doyle.



Matt corrected me


August-September 2015. I think we all know Davis is very challenged in terms of lateral movement and straight line speed. The bigger issue, at least for me, is the total inability to even alter shots from mid-major HS recruits that are giving up 6-8 inches to Davis. I really like Austin as a person, unfortunately he just struggles at everything that requires quick twitch reactions of the legs. He’s just not athletic enough to cope with the B10 IMO


Just to be clear, that film is about 7 months old?

Going to be interesting with Davis. Lots of scouts haven’t even seen him play at least as a senior, like the Rivals and Scout guys, as far as I can tell. Meanwhile, 247 has him as a four star, number 17 center in the country, and ESPN ranks him the 21st center in the country, ahead of a bunch of guys going to high major programs and only a couple spots out of four star territory. In other words, people who have seen him generally have a pretty decent opinion of him. But of course there’s the level of his competition and teammates even for those seeing him.


For context, Ricky Doyle was ranked the #22 Center by ESPN. Very familiar story - punking weak competition in the backwoods. The difference is that Doyle was actually more athletic than Davis in HS. Now, obviously none of us here know what Davis will turnout to be, but the truth is Austin has severe limitations that will be difficult to overcome


Like I said, it will be interesting. Some folks have staked a lot of credibility on the outcome.


Well yeah, but it works both ways. If MattD has to eat crow again, I imagine he will. (He’s done it before you might remember.) But will the folks who say “trust me, he’ll be great” also eat crow if he transfers out in two years? Or will they just say, “it’s OK, he gave it his best shot and the next guy will be better.”


I think that red shirting Davis would be a HORRIBLE idea. If he doesn’t work out here he can transfer and keep his redshirt. Basically the opposite of what happened with DJ Wilson.


Depends. Supposedly a good student, so may he can graduate in three years and grad transfer with two years of eligibility left.

He’s not going to play next year (or I hope not at least). So why waste a year of eligibility?


From what I have seen, I would play Davis this year (third on depth chart) and redshirt Teske. Who ever plays will likely only get limited minutes behind Donnal and Wagner. I’ll trust in Beilein to make the correct call next November.


I really like what I saw in a few of the films posted before. Particularly two latter ones where he used his body and foot work very well. A mustangs video and the Adidas gauntlet or something.He looks significantly clumsier and slow here and didn’t body as well. Sketchy it seems


Might have been addressed somewhere (I was offline today) but apparently there’s an OH-KY HS all-star game tomorrow featuring Simpson, Teske, Watson, & Dailey. Don’t know if there will be footage but I’d be interested in seeing X in action vs Quentin Goodin. I imagine OH is the better squad overall but I know nothing about KY’s team other than Goodin.


I saw that as well. Pretty sweet that all three of our Ohio guys are on the All Star team. I am hoping Dylan will have someone there to get some film and scouting reports.


Well, I would hope we aren’t recruiting players who are worse than a top 12 player in Ohio.


Anybody see Terrance ferguson de committed? Guy just hit seven threes against the worlds. Lots of good guys flying around who we could use that scholly on just saying.