2016/17 Commitment Updates


I’ve watched a couple films of X and noticed he seems to be somewhat comfortable with the floater. Why do you think our current guys don’t use that shot all too often (Walton, MAAR, Irvin)?


It’s an extremely difficult shot to be consistent with.

Takes a ton of practice. Glad X has it in his game this early.


I personally hate the shot!! Smaller guys need it though


It’s so tough because of momentum. Your speed towards the basket is different every time you release it. Takes so much skill to be consistent at it.

Hated defending anyone that could hit that shot consistently. Would get me so angry.


Momentum is more of an issue when jumping off 1 leg because you are off balance when jumping off 1 leg. Floater is much more efficient jumping off of 2 legs because of improved body control/balance. Tony Parker is an absolute master of the floater


As was Steve Nash at both ways Matt. Still hate the shot. All high school kids think they can shoot it. The problem is they shoot it because they are afraid of contact


Contact is part of it no doubt, but size/limited verticality is certainly a factor as well. Let’s face it, Steve Nash was never going to be a good finisher in the NBA irrelevant of how much contact he embraced. Its a necessary tool for smallish guards that lack verticality and strength to finish over bigs.


Matt it isn’t really feasible to have Simpson/Walton start is it due to their lack of size correct? So that means unless Walton opens his eyes and defers to Maar some more you more than likely will have Simpson coming in for Walton off the bench correct?


Serious question - since when has JB been concerned about size, or lack thereof? My own personal opinion is that X will likely play 6-8 mins a game, in part because I don’t think he’s an instant impact kid capable of playing 15-20 mins a night and MAAR’s improvement will dictate that it be handled that way.


I would agree with that. Beilein did say he’s very concerned about the defense so if he’s really serious about those concerns you wouldn’t see X and Walton on the court at the same time. Of course maybe players just have some deficiencies on the D it won’t matter.


It shouldn’t be that big of a deal defensively, at least not with our roster.

Unlike in the NBA, most college offenses aren’t designed to take advantage of that type of a matchup problem. You rarely see a bigger guard take a smaller guard into the post. Obviously it’s easier to shoot over a smaller defender, but it’s not like any of our taller wing players are able to contest many shots anyways. If Simpson is better than our current players at stopping penetration and chasing his man around screens, I don’t think his lack of size would be a huge detriment.

If Simpson doesn’t play much, it’s probably for the reasons MattD said–that he isn’t yet college-ready.


So what’s the status then? JB called and got a “not interested”?


Some of you guys are out of control. Who really cares what any of you wrote in a message board post two years ago? I banned several of you for 24 hours for this kind of stuff and now we’re back at it.


I think Dylan’s lack of updates just has more to do with the lack of news on the recruiting front. No one has been offered besides Poole, Jackson and Young.


Recruiting should pick up soon-ish. Live period in April should give some clarity.


Seriously guys… I thought my post yesterday was a sufficient warning. Start a new thread at least or something to have these random off topic arguments.

This thread exists to share updates about 2016 and 2017 commits… there’s a new post button to create a new topic.


I’m probably one of the few people that has seen Austin Davis live vs legit comp, and here is the footage. I think you guys will see my concerns with Davis (Particularly on D) when watching this film. Clarity is very poor, but I think you will get a good enough feel


I don’t see how he fits in JB’s system. Still scratching my head.


Man that’s some brutal film. Don’t wanna imagine him hedging out to halfcourt like our bigs do. :sweat_smile:


Matt, thanks for posting. I’m curious how inclusive these clips are? Obviously his limitations are plainly obvious here, I’m just wondering if these videos were cut to highlight the weaknesses or if this was the full set you shot?