2016/17 Commitment Updates


Has 17 points and based on what others are saying, something like 8 or 9 assists.


Sucks for Xavier that his one loss of the season is in the Title game.


Damn that sucks


At least he played a good game. I’m sure he and the whole team are devastated.

Toledo area teams just seem to have rough luck in the state finals.


“Simpson finished with 17 points (2-4 from beyond the arc), 2 boards, 7 assists (should have been 9), 1 block, and 4 TO’s.”


Also from peoples’ live accounts (I got this from the broadcast as well), he had a lot of “Kobe Assists”. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, http://grantland.com/features/how-kobe-bryant-missed-shots-translate-new-nba-statistic-kobe-assist/

Basically, missing shots at the rim is still valuable if you force the center to rotate to you, because it gives your big an easy cleanup. Lima’s 6’4" big man Stafford had at least four putbacks straight off of Xavier’s misses at the rim.


I like what I hea. He creates and produces. Let’s hope and pray it translates to UM!


I’ll play. Who’s the best player to come out of the UP?


Have the game on my DVR, just fast forwarded to the last couple minutes to watch the end. I have to say Simpson is QUICK!


Toledo - look at my initial assessment of X, while he’s not the most athletic kid, he changes speeds EXTREMELY WELL. His poise and ability to read a defense in PnR situations is really good for a HS player.


We call those MAAR assists around here.


Watching a replay of the D1 State Final last night.

X had a mixed first quarter. Got stripped a couple times going up for a shot. Couple bad shots (probably nerves). But he was decisive with the ball and made some plays.

Kaleb Wesson is a 17 OSU commit. Really needs to hit the track as the pace of the game was killing him. He also doesn’t use his body to his advantage. Should be sealing people off much more easily. He’s got a smooth looking shot though.


Anybody know what Andre Wesson is doing? He’s Kaleb’s older brother. According to 24/7 he has offers from Richmond, Xavier, BGSU and Akron. Waiting on an OSU offer though as it looks like he unofficially visited them in February. Jerry Meyer put in a “crystal ball” for OSU afterward. Wonder if there’s serious interest and they’re just waiting on a spot to open up or if it’s just wishful thinking for Wesson.


Can you post the link of the replay you were watching


It’s on TV where I am. Idk about an online replay.


X came up big in the second half for his team. He was not why they lost.

The officiating in the fourth quarter was really questionable. They called charges on plays they called blocks the rest of the game. Which was frustrating for Lima I’m sure because they waited till the last two minutes to call it that way.

Still, Lima had the opportunities late to tie it far earlier and take the lead multiple times. And they gave up the late bucket. Good game though. Lots of turnovers but real up and down.


Andre Wesson is a nice-looking prospect – the kind of 3-star wing I wouldn’t mind swooping in on. Generally if Chris Mack is interested in a guy, then he’s worth looking at.

With some conditioning Kaleb will be a handful – wish we had looked at him.


Austin Davis finished 2nd in Michigan Mr. Basketball. Cassius Winston was first.


I’d say Dave Besonen out of Ewen-Trout Creek who went on to play at Michigan Tech. He averaged 35 a game and dropped 38 in the Class D final back when in the 80s. The best I’ve ever personally watched was Bill Hill from Negaunee who led his team to a Class C title in 2000 and then went on to become NMU’s all time leading scorer.

U.P. teams don’t fare nearly as well in basketball as they do in football. In basketball, it’s just too hard to overcome the lack of division D1 and D2 talent. In football, U.P. teams more than hold their own and I think it’s because of coaching and toughness.


New film of X in the state championship loss to Westerville. Pros are about the same as always - X has an excellent floater and a good jumpshot off the bounce, especially from midrange. Love the fact that he doesn’t try to over-penetrate. X knows his limitations in terms of size, and he compensates accordingly. However, my concerns about his left hand seem to still persist, as he had a few opportunities to finish with the left (and it would’ve been the better shot) and failed to do so. At the college level, those shots will get blocked. Also, he got bodied a few times on D, which I think may be an issue at UM, much like Walton. Good looking prospect though, and no doubt an upper tier PG in this class.