Zavier Simpson is even better than you think


Wow! This is good stuff! I think all the coaches and all of the media ought to have this information and statistical breakdown before they vote for the conference post season awards. Thanks for another OUTSTANDING piece of work!


UM vs MSU SHOULD also decide B1G 1st team PG; it won’t though and Cassius will get it ahead of Simpson. I assume the 1st team All D will be considered his consolation prize

Can they both get it and just call them guards rather than point guards?

Idk how anyone could think Winston doesn’t deserve to be on the first team, even if X dominated him Saturday. Dude has been one of the most dominant players in the conference in the past decade


I don’t think they pick it by position.

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Cassius Winston should be the Big Ten Player of the Year. Zavier Simpson should be an All-Big Ten First Team player. Both of those things can be true.


I’ve been an X fan right from the beginning. I even said on this sight when he was a freshman when most on this sight were hating on him, that he would be a star. Well here we are and I’m very very happy for Mr. X / Pit Bull / Captain Hook.


How about D POY!

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I absolutely agree!

Great stuff

I’m not sure Simpson is better than I think. I think he’s phenomenal.

I love when he comes down on the break and hits the invisible fence along the right side of the three point line, keeps his dribble, surveys the court, calculates his options, and delivers a winning basketball play in some form or fashion.

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Gotta love the self backslappers.

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I’m just glad Cole Anthony dropped us so Z can keep his starting job next year. I kid, I kid. He really is the heart and soul of the team, and those running hook shots are so much fun to watch. I wonder if he’ll set a record for career wins once his Michigan days are over? Seems like he’s got a good shot.

Excellent article, DB. My constructive critique is mild, but I think it would have been nice to add a few quotes from opposing coaches on Simpson’s impact in games. For example, Illinois’ Brad Underwood had flattering opinion quotes on Simpson as B1G MVP earlier in the season. Check out Coach Underwood at the 30 second mark:


X as a freshman was as advertised!! … he didn’t score much out of the gate but his eyes were always scanning the court and he dribbled the ball like it was on a string… plus he never lacked confidence… knew he was going to work out!
I think sometimes with Beilein teams we don’t get the most sure handles on the ball compared to a team like michigan state… X played defense and protected the ball and Beilein would bring all the other stuff out of his game and we all knew that would happen

You’re gonna have to expound on that one


guys on the perimeter handling the ball nervously, shooters not ball handlers Zak Irvin Jordan Poole Charles Matthews comes to mind,and not talking about the position just thinking about the % of time the ball is in their hands… believe me X is a luxury in that regard. Beilein has never had a pitbull ball handler like X go ahead and name one if you can… i do think one that is close might be MAAR??

sorry if u r offended!

I’m not sure what you mean…UM leads the NCAA D1 for lowest TOPG in the country. 9.2 as a team.


i said Beleins teams have not in the past always had the most sure ball handlers on the perimeter
… its not that hard to see IMO, X is a different animal that Beilein has ever had back there … they may have not turned it over due to solid coaching, but that doesn’t mean they were the lockdown ball handler that X is IMO!!

All teams have bad ball handlers, Beilein’s teams have much fewer and that can be seen by you using Jordan Poole in your example of bad ball handlers when he is in fact a quite good ball handler. X is a different animal? Trey Burke and Derrick Walton are chopped liver now re: ball handling? Levert? Morris?

I’m not offended haha. I just disagree.