Zavier Simpson is even better than you think

X is a different animal. would probably have shut down lavert 1 vs 1

another point i would like to make is on breaking the press, we need to do better teams are bleeding time off the shot clock while we are trying to advance the ball… would be nice to see a more aggressive press break, so they are extending their defense on you maybe they are a bit weaker down court… so take some more chances with longer passes and quick scoring schemes IMO… but again, we might not have the ball handlers to get this done!

another option on the press break is just let Zavier go one on one with his guy a little bit more… IMO

Haha this. Very strange thing to say given the run of PGs that Beilein is on. Morris, Burke, Walton, Simpson. And most of those teams had pretty good secondary ball handlers with Douglass, Stauskas, Levert, MAAR, Poole.

And then they usually have good ball handlers for their position. Beilein’s 4s tend to be much better ball handlers than the vast majority of teams. May not be great for guards, but guys like Iggy, GR3, Irvin, Novak are much better with the ball than a traditional 4.


sorry if i offend u!!
I said if you look at % of time these guys are handling the ball… well I just saw a few games back Poole had the ball cleanly picked out of his hands on a normal press break situation… this year IMO we put the ball in Xs capable hands and we can forget about it he will protect the ball 100% of the time IMO!!

I would agree that Beilein doesn’t have a traditional team, because traditional teams have the ball in the PGs hands most of the time IMO… not in the hands of the 2,3 or 4! I cringe a little bit when CM is dribbling the ball out there Im sure you do too!.. but we have to take the good along with the bad I guess…

Dylan, any idea what was behind Cowan getting the selection for All B1G Defense last year? Was he objectively better by the numbers? I wasn’t paying as close attention last year, but it doesn’t seem like X has made a leap on that side of the ball.

poole is not a poor ball-handler


Believe he had a high steals per game number.

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i agree with you, for a 3 or whatever position he plays…
but my point is he is not Xavier 2.0 either
i may have overextended my argument with Poole I do believe he is a good ball handler for the position he plays and the defenders he faces
think about CMatthew, Zak Irvin, Nik Stauskas, Caris Lavert they handled the ball a ton for Beilein teams IMO!!

Not to nit-pick, but he’s solidly a 2 and clearly Michigan’s second best ball-handler and distributor.

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Yeah, I don’t think anyone’s offended. You can refute someone’s claim and not take offense.


I think this team in particular is just kind of weak with ball handlers since Poole can be pretty sloppy with his handle. Usually we have a two who is much better at taking care of the ball. And often we’ll have a three with better ball skills than Charles.

I’d say Burke and Walton were just as good with the ball in their hands.

Our wings handle the ball on the perimeter because of the type of offense we run. You want to be able to run a pick and roll, or pick and pop, with several guys, not just one.


Another talking point not touched on in this thread is Simpson’s help defense and switching defense. In the first matchup with Maryland he scratched down in the post helping to defend and straight up defend Bruno Fernando, and was impactful doing so. He is never shy to undertake any duel.

His game is so unique in doing so many little things well, that many high rated college players do not do, that the components add up to a major masterpiece in being successful. His game is like a constructed Voltron, formed by the smaller parts, ready to do battle against any kind of player, team, or coaching philosophy.

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Kudos for some solid insight. Double points for somehow integrating Voltron into it.

I think all opposing B1G coaches know the impact Simpson has on the game. But, it’s the sportswriters that may derail his 1st team selection. No offense to DB or BQ because they get it. Still, will be interesting to see how awards play out. One thing we all know now though, is, the numbers back up the home team opinion. Thanks Dylan for the indisputable evidence!

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There’s a coaches team and a media team right? Could be a thing where Xavier is first team coaches and second team media.

Correct. And I think the scenario you laid out is a distinct possibility.

I petition Zavier be considered first team at the Center position. The hook shot should qualify him. Fits both him and Winston into the first team as well!